RPG Cables Delivers Business Reports 50% Faster, Improves Cash Flow with Comprehensive Enterprise Application Platform
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RPG Cables Delivers Business Reports 50% Faster, Improves Cash Flow with Comprehensive Enterprise Application Platform

RPG Cables, a division of KEC International Ltd., is one of the oldest and largest fully integrated cable manufacturers in India. Based in Mumbai, it manufactures a range of power and telecommunication cables, including control cables that are critical to power transmission and industrial expansion. Its well-equipped manufacturing and testing facilities ensure that the company’s cables meet international specifications.

RPG Cables makes 90% of its sales directly to customers from its manufacturing sites, greatly reducing the need for stocking points. The company also distributes its products through a dealer network, which further expands its market reach.




A word from RPG Cables

  • “We chose Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne over SAP for its industry-leading capabilities and our parent company’s positive experience with the application suite. We gained several immediate benefits, including expanded inventory visibility across all manufacturing plants, as well as improved credit control and receivables management.” – Nikhil Gupta, CEO, RPG Cables

  • Overcome the cash flow impacts of separate inventory systems at each plant, minimizing delays with ordering and shipping cables
  • Ensure successful migration to parent company KEC International Ltd.’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform in 90 business days and minimize impact on the parent company’s power transmission business during the transition
  • Improve business decision-making by consolidating multiple reporting systems, such as financial and inventory management application


  • Improved management decision-making by implementing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Manufacturing Management to standardize management report formats across all cable manufacturing plants, reducing report lead times by 50% to four or five days
  • Enhanced cost control and inventory management by centralizing inventory tracking for all cable work in progress and semifinished goods, enabling faster invoicing to customers and improving cash flow
  • Accelerated end-to-end sales process by simplifying and standardizing sales and purchase documents across all plant locations, thanks to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management
  • Merged successfully with parent company’s JD Edwards ERP platform, reducing system downtime to parent company’s power transmission business by standardizing  software and reports across the business
  • Provided faster and more accurate financial and management reporting by using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financials to consolidate financial and accounting information and provide analytic support for each plant

Why Oracle

RPG Cables made a strategic decision to implement Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and was keen to learn from its parent company’s experience with the product to ensure minimal business downtime during the implementation.

“The only options we considered were Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and SAP, and we chose Oracle because of its industry-leading capabilities and our parent company’s positive experience with the product,” said Nikhil Gupta, CEO, RPG Cables.

Implementation Process

RPG Cables decided to adopt the best practices of other companies that had implemented Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, rather than trying to change its software to fit its existing business processes. The company successfully migrated its first plant and corporate office to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne within its ambitious target of 90 working days, enabling it to minimize work duplication during the transition to a new ERP platform, and to complete the transition within a single financial year.


L&T Infotech, an Oracle Platinum Partner, managed the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation at three manufacturing plants.

“We developed a very effective working relationship with L&T Infotech, and they stayed for three months following the installation to ensure that we could quickly realize the benefits of the new ERP platform,” Gupta said.