RSC Equipment Rental Grows Their Business with Talent Intelligence
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RSC Equipment Rental Grows Their Business with Talent Intelligence

RSC implemented Taleo Recruiting to source, hire, and onboard people focused on excellence and customer service. The Taleo solution also included the integration of background screening, drug testing, and assessments. RSC then extended the com¬pany’s Talent Intelligence capabilities with Taleo Performance. RSC also implemented goals and cascaded those through the organization starting with the CEO and the top level business leaders. After setting top level goals, the company pushed related goals through the organization down to the people who really make the business run, the drivers and mechanics.

RSC implemented annual online performance reviews that encouraged managers to provide feedback to every single employee, not only annually but periodically throughout the year. The final piece RSC implemented was succession planning which was the ultimate goal of an organization focused on bench strength and leadership growth.  

The company went through talent reviews to look at different divisions and user groups within the organization. The succession planning tool helped bring business leaders together in a forum that focused on the growth needs of the entire company as well as their particular division.




A word from RSC Equipment Rental

  • "With Taleo, RSC now has the ability to identify and develop future leaders using talent profiles and succession plans. Company leadership is talking about future leaders on a quarterly basis. It’s now part of our culture.” – Linda Luman, Vice President of Human Resources, RSC Equipment Rental

  • Identifying and developing future leaders to position the company for dramatic growth.
  • Developing Talent Intelligence to pinpoint leaders and accelerate their growth.
  • Implementing talent profiles and a succession planning process.


Oracle Product and Services

  • Taleo Recruiting
  • Taleo Goals
  • Taleo Onboarding
  • Taleo Succession
  • Taleo Performance
  • Taleo Reporting
  • Taleo Analytics
  • The company has seen an improvement in employee retention rates.
  • Net Promoter Scores at RSC have increased from the low 40s all the way up to the 70s.
  • Increased visibility into how individual employee goals tie directly to success of the  business has helped improve customer service.
  • A unified talent management platform provides the Talent Intelligence required to  identify high potential employees and develop them for future roles at the company.
  • Employees at all levels understand the link between their individual performance and    the overall business goals of the company.

Why Oracle

“I would recommend Taleo because of its functionality as well as the ability to continue to grow with your business. I think the functionality and the navigation is superior. I also find the technical support to be certainly exceptional and my account manager has always been a partner through the whole journey from the recruiting time all the way through to succession planning,” said Linda Lumna, vice president of human resources, RSC Equipment Rental.

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