RWE IT Updates Project Schedules with 10,000 Activities in Less Than One Minute
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RWE IT Updates Project Schedules with 10,000 Activities in Less Than One Minute

RWE IT GmbH is the internal IT service provider for the RWE Group, by revenue the second-largest German utility company, which supplies electricity to more than 16 million consumers and gas to more than 8 million consumers, mainly in Europe. Through technological expertise and extensive knowledge of business and processes, RWE IT helps RWE Group companies meet their challenges. The company’s competencies, aligned toward the processes of RWE Group’s value-creation chain, include the rollout of standardized systems for acquisitions, new business segments, and regions; flexible integration or expansion for acquisitions, new business segments, and regions; and optimized use and expansion of the group’s IT infrastructure.




A word from RWE IT GmbH

  • “Oracle’s Primavera P6 helps us to link up thousands of activities into a networked building plan. In doing so, we can plan the work packages for all clients across the various project phases. It needs only seconds to compute extremely complex, high volumes of data—a task that requires significantly more time with other applications.” – Carsten Jung, Applications Corporate Solutions, RWE IT GmbH

  • Enable three group companies—RWE Technology, RWE Power, and RWE Innogy—to efficiently manage multiple power station construction projects at the same time and optimize resource use across those projects
  • Provide schedulers with the ability to effectively open and modify projects with thousands of activities—a task that could not be performed anymore with Microsoft Project—to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of major capital projects
  • Enable RWE Technology to exchange schedules with Envicon—the general planner of major RWE power stations under construction in Westfalen and Elmshaven—to harmonize construction processes and reduce construction costs
  • Enable RWE Power to optimize Frimmersdorf power station maintenance by scheduling maintenance tasks on precise days


  • Deployed Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management to optimize project scheduling for power station construction while reducing costs for project management and operations
  • Improved the user experience and project management effectiveness substantially with ability to update project schedules with up to 10,000 activities in less than one minute, a process that previously required up to four hours in Microsoft Project and sometimes failed
  • Enabled 80 internal and external schedulers to leverage information from a dozen databases, including country-specific and test databases, and perform multiproject management—including opening and comparing projects with thousands of activities—to drive more cost-effective and on-time projects
  • Enabled RWE Technology, RWE Power, and RWE Innogy to ensure construction quality and better meet project deadlines with optimized power station construction planning and monitoring
  • Scheduled maintenance tasks for Frimmersdorf power station to the precise day during idle time in the summer months, preventing unscheduled power station cut-off and service interruptions
  • Optimized scheduling several thousand construction activities for Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm, for example, by merging the schedules of general contractors
  • Gained the ability to generate calendars for offshore wind park construction that display wind strengths and wave heights, as these factors have a strong impact on the length of time needed for offshore construction work

Why Oracle

“Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is the only project management software capable of handling tens of thousands of simultaneous activities in multiple projects without using excessive computing time. It offers complete security and has the industry’s most advanced scheduling functionality. With the next Primavera release, we anticipate the introduction of advanced scheduling features, such as taking meteorological information into account when planning construction activities,” said Carsten Jung, applications corporate solutions, RWE IT GmbH.


“We worked with Oracle partner INTECO, which deployed Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management in close collaboration with our IT team. INTECO developed the authorization concepts and structures for our optimum use of Primavera P6 and demonstrated profound Primavera knowledge during the deployment,” Jung said.