Safaricom Halves Cost of Data Storage, Delivers Differentiated Telecommunications Services with an Enhanced Customer Experience
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Safaricom Halves Cost of Data Storage, Delivers Differentiated Telecommunications Services with an Enhanced Customer Experience

Established in 1997, Safaricom Limited, with more than 18 million subscribers. is one of the leading integrated communications companies in Africa. Safaricom provides a comprehensive range of services, including mobile, fixed voice, and data transmission on a variety of platforms. It employs more than 3,000 people across Kenya—at locations including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru—to support its strategic and retail operations. Safaricom operates retail dealerships nationwide to ensure customers across the country have access to its products, which include hosted cloud and financial services.

As business continued to expand, the company experienced significant technical challenges, including difficulty processing increasingly large data volumes in real-timel It also needed to ensure its mobile, voice and data services were available to customers when they needed them, and it required a single view of each customer and the services they consumed, regardless of where those services were purchased.

To improve data management, provide differentiated services, and enhance the customer experience, Safaricom implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite. The solution provides the company with a real-time, comprehensive view of customers, reduces demands placed on data management staff, and cuts storage costs in half. A complete Oracle backup solution with Oracle’s NAS Storage and StorageTek SL3000 Modular Library System provides underlying disk and tape protection.




A word from Safaricom Limited

  • “Oracle is a true partner for our business. We trust Oracle to provide an innovative, integrated hardware and software solution to help us ensure our subscribers are entirely satisfied with our telecommunications service offerings. The complete Oracle backup solution we implemented gives us an integrated disk and tape data protection strategy for Oracle Exadata.” – Donald Twesiga, Executive Head of IT Operations, Safaricom Limited

  • Enable real-time management and processing of increasingly large and unpredictable volumes of customer and usage data, typically required by telecommunications providers
  • Provide a single, customer view that details each consumed product to improve the quality of customer relationships and differentiate service offerings
  • Guarantee product and service uptime for all telecommunications service subscribers to maximize customer loyalty and business revenues
  • Enhance corporate social responsibility credentials by gaining data storage efficiencies and reducing the overall IT carbon footprint
  • Implement a new backup system with guaranteed performance and scalability to reduce lengthy database backups


  • Adopted Oracle Exadata Database Machine as a scalable and highly available platform for the telecommunications industry’s typically large and unpredictable data workloads, negating the need to repeatedly buy inferior third-party storage systems
  • Achieved 50% data compression rates with Oracle Exadata, reducing the average storage cost per terabyte from US$2,000 to US$1,000, while also improving power use efficiency by the same ratio
  • Reduced hours spent monitoring IT systems by more than half with intelligent query processing, providing better life-work balance for all staff
  • Deployed Oracle Business Intelligence Suite to deliver robust real-time reporting, ad-hoc query and analyses, dashboards, and other rich information services including what-if scenario planning—increasing organizational visibility, forecasting, planning and management reporting
  • Implemented Siebel CRM to provide a single-source-of-truth experience for all customers—unifying the customer experience across 36 retail outlets, countrywide, and 1,000 call center attendants
  • Ensured leadership could analyze real-time business performance reports from any location, crucial for a retail-based business
  • Optimized human resource allocation by freeing up staff from repetitive customer relationship management (CRM) tasks, thanks to Siebel CRM’s ability to motivate staff and improve productivity
  • Used a complete Oracle backup solution, based on Oracle Secure Backup, Oracle NAS Storage, and StorageTek SL3000 Modular Library System to slash data backups from an average of five days to less than six hours, shrinking the required backup window by 20x

Why Oracle

Safaricom selected Oracle because it could deliver a full stack of seamlessly integrated data and customer relationship management tools, and it had a strong network of IT partners in the region to support the implementation and training process. Oracle also provided technical training to Safaricom engineers and members of the IT staff, which ultimately benefited Safaricom customers and supported a greater life-work balance for Safaricom staff.

“Oracle is one of the strongest solution providers in Africa and delivers a broad range of closely integrated hardware and software solutions, which enables us to deploy enterprise resource planning, CRM, and business intelligence products seamlessly,” said Donald Twesiga, executive head of IT operations, Safaricom Limited. “Oracle does a fantastic job meeting our business needs, which, in turn, enables us to meet customer demands. I would recommend Oracle’s services to my fellow technology professionals.”