Schneider National Implements Next-Generation IT Infrastructure to Continue Leadership in Transportation and Logistics Industry
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Schneider National Implements Next-Generation IT Infrastructure to Continue Leadership in Transportation and Logistics Industry

Schneider National, Inc., a leading provider of truckload, logistics, and intermodal services, serves more than two-thirds of the FORTUNE 500 companies. Its customers rely on Schneider National’s transportation and logistics solutions to transport their products reliably, cost-effectively, and safely to markets in 28 countries.




  • Create a next-generation IT platform to efficiently and consistently manage the quote-to-cash process across the company’s various business units and support long-term growth objectives
  • Improve ability to provide drivers, customers, and business partners with convenient access to the information and services they need
  • Improve back-office processes to support greater operational efficiency and profitability


  • Used Oracle applications, middleware, and development tools to create a next-generation IT platform to drive profitability, reduce costs across all divisions, and position Schneider for continued growth
  • Leveraged Oracle SOA Suite to integrate Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel CRM, Oracle Transportation Management, third-party, and custom applications
  • Built 400 BPEL processes that generate over 60 million composite instances across five SOA clusters
  • Leveraged Oracle B2B for EDI with over 900 trading partners
  • Leveraged Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle SOA Suite to set up a shipment hub that provides real-time shipment data to enterprise applications handling more than 500,000 updates per day
  • Enabled secure access to enterprise applications
  • Implemented a centralized repository for digital content and documents that drives dynamic enterprise portals
  • Enabled drivers to quickly update their benefits, view online training, and check their pay statements
  • Provides customers and partners with convenient access to the information they need
  • Enables more streamlined monitoring and management of software and hardware
  • Enabled more consistent processes across functional areas, ranging from sales and operations to finance, improving order accuracy, profitability, on-time service, and payables management
  • Reduced days for sales outstanding significantly

Why Oracle

One of Schneider’s guiding principles for its enterprise transformation project, which it calls “Quest,” was to use Oracle products wherever possible. Oracle’s ability to deliver solutions from the operating system and core application server levels, all the way to the application layer was an important factor in Schneider’s decision process. It also provided a common set of development tools and that simplified the IT environment and its management.