SCI Sales Group Gains Reporting Power and Improves User Experience with Flexible Customer Relationship Platform
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SCI Sales Group Gains Reporting Power and Improves User Experience with Flexible Customer Relationship Platform

Founded in 2002, SCI Sales Group is a business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing organization specializing in developing sales opportunities for other organizations throughout Europe. The company’s customers are spread across a range of vertical markets including IT, telecommunications, leisure, and hospitality.

SCI previously used Microsoft Dynamics for customer relationship management (CRM) but the telemarketing team found using that system was time-consuming, cumbersome, and complex. In addition, team leaders were spending a great deal of time—up to one hour each day—collating information to create management reports.

SCI worked with partner BPI OnDemand to implement Oracle CRM On Demand to address these challenges. The company selected Oracle, as it could tailor the solution to meet its specific requirements and would be able to migrate existing customer records over the course of a weekend, limiting downtime.

Since deployment, SCI has seen huge efficiency savings and has addressed its two key problems, reducing time spent on management reports and CRM complexity.




A word from SCI Sales Group

  • “With the help of Oracle CRM On Demand—and its pay-per-user model, straightforward reporting, and easy-to-use interface—we have dramatically improved our ability to move the business forward.” – Robert Yuile, Chief Operating Officer, SCI Sales Group.

  • Enable a professional telemarketing team to deliver excellent results to its wide range of customers across the B2B arena by improving the flexibility and usability of the business-critical CRM system
  • Replace a cumbersome and difficult legacy CRM system with a more flexible solution that offers straightforward reporting capability and can manage different data types from a range of customers and markets
  • Integrate the CRM system with marketing modules, direct mail, and e-mail campaigns to increase sales conversion rates
  • Save time producing daily reports and improve reporting capabilities for customers
  • Implement a solution with a pay-per-user model to support business growth
  • Improve sales pipeline data management, and provide clients with better statistical information regarding sales campaign progress


  • Saved time by gaining the ability to produce management reports with one click instead of manually collating information
  • Enabled easier tracking of the customer sales pipeline on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Strengthened reporting capabilities by delivering value-added service to customers in B2B industries—including IT and telecommunications—and providing improved information about telemarketing and sales acceleration campaign effectiveness
  • Supported future business growth by implementing a pay-per-user solution
  • Improved the user experience for the 35-person telemarketing team, simplifying the CRM system and eliminating previous confusion caused by multiple screens
  • Worked with Oracle partner BPI OnDemand to replace Microsoft Dynamics with Oracle CRM On Demand, taking just six weeks to plan and prepare and one weekend to migrate data
  • Used the partner’s Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies solution for Professional Services to speed up and simplify solution implementation with prepackaged templates
  • Deliver tailored analytics according to customer requirements with reporting capabilities inherent within Oracle CRM On Demand, generating new business
  • Provided employees with additional flexibility, enabling them to work remotely

Why Oracle

“We replaced Microsoft Dynamics with Oracle CRM On Demand for a number of reasons. Microsoft Dynamics was very static and difficult to use. Oracle CRM On Demand has strong analytics, and it provides dynamic workflows. Because we work with clients in various markets, we needed to track the sales pipeline and sales stages in different ways according to customer requirements. The Oracle solution enabled us to set up workflows that are dynamic, so that each agent can see relevant views based on the campaign they are working on,” said Robert Yuile, chief operating officer, SCI Sales Group.


  • Oracle Partner
    BPI OnDemand

“The implementation was very smooth because our partner, BPI OnDemand, spent a lot of time planning beforehand. BPI OnDemand identified the workflows that we needed, the reporting requirements, and how to set up users. When it came to the actual implementation, we replaced Microsoft Dynamics with Oracle CRM On Demand in over just one weekend,” said Robert Yuile, chief operating officer, SCI Sales Group.

“Within six weeks of the initial meeting with BPI OnDemand, we were up and running. From an integration point of view, it’s one of the easiest projects I’ve worked on, largely because the product itself is so easy to use and also because of BPI OnDemand’s support,” Yuile said