Scottish Legal Aid Board Tracks Licenses in Hours, Not Days; Decommissions Unused Software; Gains Enterprisewide Visibility into IT Assets
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Scottish Legal Aid Board Tracks Licenses in Hours, Not Days; Decommissions Unused Software; Gains Enterprisewide Visibility into IT Assets

Scottish Legal Aid Board is responsible for managing publicly funded legal assistance in Scotland for the Scottish Government. The board helps people who cannot afford legal representation to get the help of a solicitor, and sometimes an advocate, for their legal problems.

Scottish Legal Aid Board participated in an Oracle License Management Services review and cut the time its IT team spends each year tracking licenses for its 250 Oracle E-Business Suite users from days to within one day. The board’s DBA team—which includes 1.5 full-time employees—can now integrate license management into day-to-day maintenance, saving significant time. In addition, the IT team can be confident that its Oracle software estate is properly licensed.
Scottish Legal Aid Board had been using manual, in-house developed tools to monitor its Oracle E-Business Suite licenses, purchased 10 years ago. The Oracle License Management Services engagement discovered that DBAs had been using an outdated license management model to calculate user numbers, which meant the board was now slightly under licensed.

The Oracle License Management team also identified unused licenses for Oracle Human Resources Intelligence and self-service applications that the board no longer needed, as they were now accessed under a license covering all Scottish government organizations. By decommissioning the unused software, Scottish Legal Aid Board minimized the additional license fee required to become fully compliant and gained complete transparency of its Oracle estate.

Scottish Legal Aid Board benefited from a professional evaluation of its software assets and learned how to deploy licenses to best meet its needs and avoid unnecessary license liability. Using Oracle License Management Service’s customer-centric tracking tools, the board’s IT team has streamlined annual license reconciliation and can proactively plan future software purchases to meet the board’s efficiency goals while providing maximum value to tax payers.

A word from Scottish Legal Aid Board

  • "Working with Oracle License Management Services has saved us time and money and greatly simplified the complexities of tracking software usage. I wish we had engaged with them years ago." – John McLeod, Head of Information Systems, Scottish Legal Aid Board



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Why Oracle

Scottish Legal Aid Board was selected at random by Oracle for a routine license assessment.

"We welcomed the opportunity for an expert evaluation of our Oracle assets and the chance to modernize, simplify, and streamline license management," said John McLeod, head of information systems, Scottish Legal Aid Board. "We were also eager to build a closer relationship with our most strategic technology provider."

Implementation Process

Oracle License Management Systems provided scripts and tools for the board to run against its Oracle E-Business Suite environment. DBAs ran the scripts and submitted the data to Oracle for analysis. The process required only a few hours of input from DBAs over a five-week period, and Oracle License Management Services consultants were available throughout the engagement to provide advice and guidance.

"Oracle’s approach was open and straightforward, and the review was professional and pain-free from start to finish," McLeod said. "The consultants gave us expert advice on how to map Oracle software to our needs and updated our understanding of Oracle license entitlements. Working with Oracle License Management Services has added value to our Oracle investments."