Seagate Technology Improves Control over Export Processes, Increases Efficiency by Integrating Trade Management and Enterprise Resource Planning
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Seagate Technology Improves Control over Export Processes, Increases Efficiency by Integrating Trade Management and Enterprise Resource Planning

Founded in 1979, Seagate Technology plc is the world leader in hard disk drives and storage devices for enterprise, desktop, mobile computing, consumer electronics, and external/networking storage solutions. Seagate products span the storage application landscape, including data centers, mainframes, workstations, desktop and notebook personal computers, netbooks, digital video recorders, gaming consoles, home entertainment devices, external backup, and networked storage.

Challenges and Solutions

A word from Seagate Technology plc

  • “Oracle Global Trade Management is a unique global compliance solution that enables us to centrally manage our global trade operations. And, since it was developed as an integrated component of Oracle’s logistics suite, the solution enables us to optimize, automate, and monitor cross-border transactions in ways not before available from best-of-breed software providers.” – Michelle Scott-Horwitz, Senior Director, International Trade, Seagate Technology plc

As the world’s largest hard disk drive and storage device manufacturer, Seagate ships to nearly every country in the world. To accomplish this, it must ensure compliance with trade practices and requirements, which can vary from country to country and change frequently.

With thousands of transactions per day—including intercompany as well as customer shipments and returns—Seagate’s trade management is a complex and robust process. When its legacy trade management system neared end of life, Seagate needed a solution that would enable it to run all transactions through United States export controls―including restricted party screening, provide information on licensing to its Oracle E-Business Suite shipping module for printing, and report the transactions efficiently to the U.S. government.

Working with Wipro Technologies and Oracle Consulting, Seagate deployed Oracle Global Trade Management and integrated it with Oracle E-Business Suite―enabling the company to centrally manage global trade operations. Developed as an integrated component of Oracle’s logistics suite, Oracle Global Trade Management gives Seagate new power to optimize, automate, and monitor its cross-border transactions.

The solution’s business monitoring capabilities are driving new levels of efficiency, visibility, and compliance, compared to Seagate’s legacy system, which used e-mail alerts to drive export processing, an approach that limited visibility into workflow and slowed down processes. The trade management team now has a single dashboard that it can reference for information on key indicators for each region, creating a more unified experience.

Analysts can also use the business monitor dashboards to avoid delays, enhance customer service, and reduce risk. For example, the rules-based system enables Seagate to effectively initiate a restricted-party screening hold, which suspends all orders associated with the customer while it is investigated. Once cleared for export, the system enables an analyst to quickly release all transactions on hold with the customer. This eliminates the need to review every line item, saving considerable analyst time and expediting processing.

Oracle Global Trade Management offers similar capabilities when Seagate requires a new license or special authorization before shipping to a specific country. It can put a shipment on hold until these requirements have been met and then automatically release the hold once the authorization is obtained.

With Oracle Global Trade Management integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite, Seagate has an automated trade operation that accelerates cash flow and facilitates commerce while streamlining compliance.



Why Oracle

“We considered several solutions and chose Oracle Global Trade Management because of its robust features, flexibility, and the synergy it provided with our existing Oracle E-Business Suite environment. We also like the fact that the product was young when we selected it, affording us significant input into the early development phases,” said Pranab Sinha, vice president of IT, Seagate Technology LLC.


“For our implementation, we had a contract with Wipro, which brought in resources from Oracle Consulting,” Sinha said “Wipro did the interface work between Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Global Trade Management, and partnered with Oracle Consulting to perform the functional set up—all on budget.”

“We are tremendously excited by the potential of this implementation in Seagate, jointly with Oracle" said Biplab Adhya, vice president - business application services, Wipro Technologies. "With the implementation of Oracle Global Trade Management, Seagate has been able to increase its efficiency through better visibility and compliance of cross-border transactions. We are very happy to be part of that journey.”

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