South East Central Railway Consolidates Eight Business-Critical Applications onto One Platform, Reduces Data Management Staff by 95%
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South East Central Railway Consolidates Eight Business-Critical Applications onto One Platform, Reduces Data Management Staff by 95%

South East Central Railway is part of India’s state-owned national railway system and is India’s busiest railway zone, having carried over 130 million passenger journeys between FY2012 and FY2013, and it transports around 150 million metric tons of freight each year. In particular, it transports high volumes of coal, iron, steel, and cement, which are essential to India’s infrastructure development program. The company’s staff of 40,000 manages the railway’s daily maintenance, provides 24-hour support, and interfaces with other railway zone offices to secure Indian Railways’ national operations across its vast regions.




A word from South East Central Railway

  • “We had used Oracle products for nearly 10 years and were confident in selecting Oracle Database because it is a technically proficient, cost-effective, and seamless database solution. We’ve improved processing speed, saved license and maintenance costs, and reduced data management staff by 95% while improving data accuracy. In addition, we’ve improved staff and customer satisfaction.” – Lokesh Vishnoi, Deputy Chief Signal and Telecom Engineer (Construction), South East Central Railway

  • Consolidate eight, business-critical applications, such as payroll, finance, revenue, and personnel management, into a single database platform to reduce costs and optimize use of limited staff resources
  • Upgrade the existing database platform to improve system performance, simplify data management tasks, and strengthen data integrity and security to enhance railway services
  • Improve customer and staff satisfaction by increasing transactional performance, such as accelerating passenger ticketing and access to booking status and availability


  • Reduced staff resources required for enterprise data management tasks by 95%—from 300 to 15 staff members—by consolidating eight, business-critical applications onto a single database platform
  • Enabled faster and easier access to data, such as ticket availability, by upgrading to Oracle Database 11g, improving staff satisfaction and work efficiency across different railway zones
  • Accelerated data processing time for providing passenger ticketing and accurate and up-to-date booking status and availability, improving customer satisfaction
  • Cut software licensing and maintenance costs through database consolidation
  • Enhanced corporate and transactional data security with Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall’s robust security features
  • Provided employees at remote locations with the ability to access up-to-date data online, rather than relying on information on their own PCs, by implementing Oracle WebLogic Suite, enabling them to print up-to-date salary statements and financial reports and improving data accuracy and staff productivity

Why Oracle

South East Central Railways had used Oracle Database since 2004 for its various business-critical applications. In 2012, the company decided to upgrade to Oracle Database 11g with Oracle WebLogic Suite.

“We decided to upgrade to Oracle Database11g as South East Central Railway had successfully used Oracle products for years and wanted to implement the enhanced features of the new version for our data center. We needed to seamlessly transition to a three-tier architecture, and we knew that Oracle could deliver a superior performance for us, simply and quickly,” said Lokesh Vishnoi, deputy chief signal and telecom engineer (construction), South East Central Railway.

Implementation Process

South East Central Railway implemented a three-tier architecture consisting of a database server, application server, and a wide-area network connecting terminals in head office with remote locations. It completed the upgrade, including data migration, in five days. The new database platform went live—on time and within budget—in April 2012.


South East Central Railway engaged Oracle partner KPIT Cummins for predeployment design and development and assistance with implementation, including data migration and license purchasing. KPIT Cummins delivered user acceptance testing and training during implementation, and it continues to provide postdeployment support.