Builds Asset Distribution Solution Infrastructure in One Month, Gains Scalable, Secure Platform for New Business
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Oracle Customer Programs Builds Asset Distribution Solution Infrastructure in One Month, Gains Scalable, Secure Platform for New Business is a software-as-a-service application designed to automate and streamline estate asset distribution. Estate planners and executors load assets and heirs into the system, and heirs then go online to reserve items from the estate. developed its solution on Oracle Database Cloud Service, one of Oracle Cloud’s core platform-as-a-service offerings. Oracle Database Cloud Service offered three benefits that were critical to—value, security, and scalability.

“Security and credibility are very important to our organization, as we need to ensure the privacy of estate-related data for families and professional estate planners,” said Ron Hardman, founder, “Oracle Database Cloud Service delivers these capabilities and much more, including robust identity and access management capabilities, baked into the delivery model.”

The company considered Amazon Web Services first, but found that the solution would be 20% more expensive than Oracle Database Cloud Service and did not offer a comparable level of service that included managing the environment and ensuring redundancy. With Oracle, we receive world-class technology as well as IT management services and redundancy—all at a lower price point, according to Hardman. “Oracle Database Cloud Service is triple mirrored, providing excellent data redundancy that we could not have achieved on our own at this time,” Hardman said.

Oracle Database Cloud Service also delivers rapid time to value. From the time was able to access its Oracle Cloud environment, it took less than a month to build the solution and deploy a beta test. The company had spent more than a month just trying to get up and running on Amazon Web Services.

In prelaunch testing, liked the high performance of its application running on Oracle Database Cloud Service. “We like the fact that Oracle Database Cloud Service runs on Oracle Exadata. It gives us the confidence of knowing that our data infrastructure can take whatever we throw at it,” Hardman said.

Oracle Database Cloud Service will also enable to scale easily as the business expands, which will be important because the company plans to offer its solution as a white-label product to estate planners. 

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  • “With Oracle Database Cloud Service, we get greater value at a lower price point than with any another cloud vendor. I receive the best technology in the world, managed in an automated deployment platform that allows me to focus on my core business instead of on managing IT infrastructure.” – Ron Hardman, Founder,



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Why Oracle selected Oracle Database Cloud Service because of its ease-of-use, power, and performance. Oracle’s reputation as an industry leader in delivering secure and scalable solutions also factored significantly into the company’s decision. “The fact that our solution runs on Oracle Cloud carries weight with customers and is a valuable credential as we go to market with estate planners and individual consumers,” Hardman said. “Oracle Database Cloud Services was less expensive and delivers more value than other offerings and includes database management and redundancy capabilities, which frees me to focus on my business instead of on managing an IT infrastructure. Oracle will also continue to invest in its technology, and we can take advantage of file-sharing capabilities and automatic upgrades.”