Shaklee Streamlines the Contact Center Agent Desktop for Increased Productivity and Optimizes Mailings
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Shaklee Streamlines the Contact Center Agent Desktop for Increased Productivity and Optimizes Mailings

Since its formation in 1956, Shaklee has been a leading provider of premium, natural nutrition, personal care, and environmentally-friendly household products. The Shaklee brand is synonymous with high-quality and effectiveness, representing one of the most well-established names in the nutritional supplement and direct selling industries. With more than 1.2 million members and distributors, the ability to provide quick, accurate, and consistent information at any touchpoint presents a hefty challenge. Add to that the company’s continued rapid growth, the need to provide excellent care to its customers becomes all the more crucial.

Improving Agent Productivity

A word from Shaklee

  • “The benefit of RightNow Marketing is in the flexibility of the system. Once the data is there, the system is very easy to use.”— Peter Neels, Vice President of Customer Service, Shaklee

Working with RightNow, Shaklee has improved the productivity of the 120 agents in its Customer Service operations. To service Shaklee members and distributors, agents need access to five different systems. Prior to RightNow, agents toggled between the systems which was very time-consuming. The RightNow solution enabled Shaklee to easily integrate its legacy systems into the agent desktop and add a series of custom tabs for all web-enabled applications that agents use, including UPS, RMA, and a link to Shaklee’s member center. Because they now have access to everything they need on a single agent desktop, Shaklee customer service agents work more efficiently and training new agents is also quicker. Peter Neels, Shaklee’s vice president of customer service, estimates that these custom tabs save a minute to a minute and a half on order entry calls. “One of the biggest benefits of RightNow is the ability for our agents to see everything in one place. That has allowed us to cut training time,” adds Neels.
The RightNow system also helps Shaklee manage approximately 70,000 to 80,000 phone calls each month, depending on the season. Based on the nature of the question, topic-based routing directs callers to subject-matter specialists. Email management enables Shaklee to track and respond to between 7,000 and 10,000 emails each month, and to meet a goal of responding within 24 hours. As an added benefit, RightNow has assisted Shaklee in eliminating the phenomenon so common in contact centers where callers ask different staffers the same question until they get the answer they want. Now, Shaklee can also utilize RightNow to send a follow up email to the caller to recap the conversation and provide a written copy of the answer they were given. “This is a huge value add,” says Neels.
The integration between RightNow and Shaklee’s legacy systems has had added efficiencies for other processes as well. Two years ago, Shaklee changed vendors for their order entry system and had to migrate agents from the old vendor to the new one. Neels attributes the transition’s success to their RightNow solution where order entry is a tab in the agent desktop. Without that in place, Neels estimates the transition would have taken twice as long and the associated agent training would have been time-consuming and costly.
Shaklee also utilizes the RightNow knowledge base which is populated with more than 700 answers for web self-service. The single knowledge base offers one level of information to customers while a deeper level of information is available to Shaklee agents.

Utilizing the Newest Innovations

Outbound Communication Automated

Power in Reporting

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  • Optimize desktop to increase agent efficiency and decrease training time
  • Grow and automate the marketing effort to members and distributors
  • Ensure consistent information is provided to members and distributors
  • Support quality brand with consistent, high-quality member and distributor interactions


Oracle Product and Services

  • RightNow Technologies
  • Reduction in agent training with order entry integration into RightNow
  • Order entry call handling times cut by 1-1 1/2 minutes
  • Gartner CRM Excellence Award finalist

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