Siemens Healthcare Deploys Web Pages 30% Faster with Integrated Enterprise Content Management System
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Siemens Healthcare Deploys Web Pages 30% Faster with Integrated Enterprise Content Management System

Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector (Siemens Healthcare) is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the healthcare industry and a leader in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, medical information technology, and hearing aids. Siemens Healthcare offers its global customers products and solutions for the entire range of patient care from a single source—from prevention and early detection, to diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare. The company optimizes clinical workflows for the most common diseases to make healthcare faster, better, and more cost effective.

Siemens Healthcare’s legacy content management systems (CMS) did not meet today’s requirements for Website usability and display on a variety of mobile devices, which negatively affected its usage. As a result, the company’s Web pages frequently required extensive and costly programming. In 2012, Siemens Healthcare deployed Oracle WebCenter Content as a single, unified CMS platform to provide customers with a user-friendly Website that facilitates access to complex information about the company’s medical devices and services, including clinical case studies, white papers, and more.

The new Website’s content, which has been optimized for display on desktop computers and laptops, can also be rendered on increasingly prevalent mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Blackberry devices, and Android-powered devices—which significantly enhances Siemens Healthcare’s internet presence. The Website now includes Siemens Healthcare’s entire range of portfolios—diagnostic imaging and therapy, laboratory diagnostics, hearing instruments, healthcare infrastructure, services, and education.

Using Oracle WebCenter Content, Siemens Healthcare streamlined the Web page structure to present products and additional content in a more intuitive and concise way—considerably reducing product description complexity and facilitating user navigation. Each product’s unique selling points are now identified under the product overview and configured as hyperlinks, which provide the reader with more detailed information about the product with just one click. Clinical content and other publications, such as white papers, are now linked, displayed, and located in the same way for each of the company’s numerous products—further improving navigation. The new Website also provides readers and customers with short, understandable URLs that they can easily distribute.

With Oracle WebCenter Content, Siemens Healthcare gained the ability to create and deploy Web pages more than 30% faster, especially for image editing, content re-use, and navigation. The company can now publish modified or new Web content within minutes to react to changing business needs, such as deploying dedicated healthcare Web pages quickly in new markets and countries. The Oracle solution, which leverages content across many applications and departments, enables faster and less costly future Website enhancements—such as the creation of personalized offers for authorized customers or new channels, such as interactive television.

A word from Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector

  • “We gained the ability to create and deploy Web pages more than 30% faster with Oracle WebCenter Content. Thanks to Oracle’s industry-leading data storage model and reliable deployment frameworks, we have created a state-of-the-art internet presence, not only for desktop computer and laptop users, but also for the growing mobile audience.” – Jens Abram, Healthcare Web Relaunch Project Manager, Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector



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Siemens Corporate Technology, the Siemens Group’s IT consultancy firm, selected Oracle partner Silbury IT Solutions to deploy Oracle WebCenter Content. In addition to helping Siemens Healthcare scope and rollout the solution, Silbury IT Solutions helped the company to achieve dynamic Web content visualization, which includes a wide range of specially designed content modules, with the option to import Microsoft Office files, including tables, texts, images, multimedia presentations, and more. Silbury also consulted Siemens Healthcare while integrated the solution with lightweight directory access protocol systems and the company’s public key infrastructure.