Sistema Shyam TeleServices Saves Five Hours in Generating Thousands of Business Reports, Reduces Data Center Rack Space by 20%
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Sistema Shyam TeleServices Saves Five Hours in Generating Thousands of Business Reports, Reduces Data Center Rack Space by 20%

Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd (SSTL), a venture that involves equity participation by Sistema of Russia, the Government of the Russian Federation, and the Shyam Group of India, is the majority shareholder in the joint venture company which operates its telecom services under the MTS brand. MTS is well recognized in India and worldwide for its commitment to high-quality and innovative telecom solutions. MTS was recently been ranked by Millward Brown as the 85th most valuable brand in the world.




A word from Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd.

  • “Oracle Exadata and Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M9000 servers provided the extremely high-performing IT infrastructure we needed to support huge volumes of customer data processed on our billing and CRM platform. We can now generate thousands of business operation reports in under two hours instead of seven hours and have reduced data-center rack space by 20%.” – Rajeev Batra, CIO, Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd.

  • Implement hardware infrastructure that can scale to support information about more than 14 million voice and data subscribers, a number that is expected to rapidly increase
  • Meet a wide variety of customer and business key performance indicators (KPIs), including call-center customer response times
  • Provide important sales and customer transaction data to relevant stakeholders to enable quick decision-making
  • Reduce the time to generate approximately 1,200 daily business operation reports


  • Generated thousands of daily telecommunications business operation reports in under two hours, instead of seven hours
  • Enabled sales staff to access critical information in less than three hours each morning about what regions or products to focus their efforts on, rather than waiting up to six hours for up-to-date data
  • Reduced data center rack space by 20%, saving significantly on administration and storage costs
  • Met customer service KPIs by ensuring new prepaid customer accounts are activated in less than two minutes after they have been entered in the system, and customer call-center queries are responded to as quickly as possible
  • Enhanced the satisfaction of telecommunications customers by completing month-end bill runs on time
  • Ensured server and database infrastructure can scale to accommodate data from millions of new voice and data telecommunications customers across India
  • Improved employee satisfaction by more quickly providing complex reports showing new customer activities or service activations, and a variety of other information that helps sales
  • Ensured availability for business-critical customer relationship management and billing applications during peak times and in an emergency, by balancing workloads across database clusters
  • Became the first telecommunications service provider in India to implement Oracle Exadata

Why Oracle

SSTL’s application provider recommended Oracle as an infrastructure vendor due to its excellent reputation in India’s telecommunications sector, particularly in the wireless broadband and data services sectors.

“We needed extremely high-performing and scalable server infrastructure to support huge volumes of customer data,” said Rajeev Batra, CIO, Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd. “We had also heard great feedback about Oracle Exadata, so when it was time to upgrade from Oracle Database 11g, it made perfect business sense to move onto the database machine.”

Implementation Process

SSTL implemented Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M9000 servers in February 2009, one month before the company began operations, and again in February 2012. In August 2012, the company upgraded from Oracle Database 11g to one Oracle Exadata Database Machine Quarter Rack.

“The implementations took around a month, and were both completed on time and on budget,” said Batra.

SSTL added a second Oracle Exadata Database Machine in the fourth quarter of 2012.


SSTL worked with Oracle Platinum Partner Sitronics India Pvt. Ltd. for the SPARC Enterprise M9000 server implementation. The company then worked with Oracle Consulting for the Oracle Exadata implementation.

“We were happy with the services and professional attitudes of both Sitronics and Oracle Consulting, and Sitronics continues to provide us with managed services and training,” said Batra.