Skybox Security Grows Its Advanced Security Solution Leveraging Next-Generation Analytics

Skybox Security Grows Its Advanced Security Solution Leveraging Next-Generation Analytics

  • Oracle Customer:  Skybox Security
    Location:  San Jose, California
    Industry:  High Technology
    Employees:  100
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

Skybox Security provides cutting-edge risk analytics for enterprise security management. Its powerful security management solutions ensure effective vulnerability, threat, and firewall management for more than 300 companies. Skybox Security customers include some of the most security-conscious enterprises and government agencies in the world, as well as global leaders in financial services, energy, retail, and other industries.




A word from Skybox Security

  • "Embedding MySQL enhances our market-leading risk analytics solutions by providing high performance, reliability, scalability, and cross-platform flexibility, while also eliminating the need for customers to perform database management." – Michelle Cobb, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Skybox Security

  • Minimize time required for customers to implement a next-generation firewall and risk analytics management platform that offers out-of-the box protection and can also be customized to the needs of specific customers and industry sectors
  • Reduce user administration costs by eliminating the need for customers to purchase a separate database or invest in new hardware to run the company’s automated, integrated, security-management applications
  • Ensure scalability to handle heavy security workloads and manage thousands of risk analysis transactions per second from customers’ busy multinational networks
  • Streamline development time and support continuous product improvement to meet the ongoing cyber security needs of the most demanding network environments
  • Maximize profit margins by avoiding unnecessary license overhead for underlying analytics database without compromising performance


Oracle Product and Services

  • Reduced time to go-live for customers and increased return on investment time by embedding MySQL Enterprise Edition into the network security management platform, which eliminated the need for customers to purchase and implement a separate database on which to run Skybox Security solutions
  • Used MySQL Enterprise Edition to provide an in-process, high-performance, data-storage engine with the functionality of a relational database and a small footprint that fits well in security applications
  • Capitalized on MySQL Enterprise Edition’s support for combinations of nearly all hardware platforms and operating systems to ensure that cyber security solutions are compatible with most customer environments
  • Benefited from MySQL Enterprise Edition’s zero-administration embedded database to reduce cost of ownership for end-customers by around 80% and cut database-related support calls to the helpdesk
  • Used MySQL Enterprise Edition to lower product development costs by avoiding the need to build and maintain a proprietary database
  • Helped maximize revenue margins with Oracle’s competitive embedded license model, which is up to 90% less expensive than competitors
  • Benefited from MySQL Enterprise Edition’s superior performance and reliability to handle high-volume, business-critical security environments running on thousands of servers and that must scale to meet increasing customer security needs
  • Benefited from flexibility and ease of development of MySQL Enterprise Edition to reduce the cost of introducing innovative network management enhancements needed to maintain stringent security controls while filtering out irrelevant data
  • Capitalized on MySQL Enterprise Edition’s unrivalled reputation for performance and reliability as the leading embedded database in almost every industry sector to help increase customer security sales
  • Achieved record financial performance in 2012 and a fast expansion of customer base

Why Oracle

Skybox Security chose MySQL Enterprise Edition over Microsoft SQL Server for its lower license cost, higher performance, and portability to operating systems other than Windows. MySQL Enterprise Edition also offered faster installation and a smaller footprint with no restrictions on central processing units, random-access memory, or database size. MySQL Enterprise Edition consistently gets high scores for throughput and scalability and has a well-established track record with end-users in all industry sectors.

"MySQL Enterprise Edition gives us a low-cost relational database that best suits a product that is distributed to many customers,” said Moshe Raab, vice president, research and development, Skybox Security. “Under Oracle’s ownership, enterprise-level tools are being enhanced, which will help ensure MySQL continues to be the best embedded database option for our solutions.”