Standard Forwarding Cuts Invoicing Costs by US$350,000, Annually, with Robust and Scalable Content Platform—Transforms Customer Self-Service
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Standard Forwarding Cuts Invoicing Costs by US$350,000, Annually, with Robust and Scalable Content Platform—Transforms Customer Self-Service

Standard Forwarding LLC is a less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier with 17 terminals throughout the Midwest. A wholly owned entity of DHL Freight, the road-freight arm of Deutsche Post DHL, Standard Forwarding provides overnight service within and between Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, southern Michigan, and cities in Missouri and Nebraska. It operates a modern fleet with 325 tractors and 790 trailers. In 2012, it was named Great Lakes/Midwest LTL Carrier of the Year for the fifth consecutive year in Mastio & Company’s annual Value and Loyalty Benchmarking Study.

Over the years, technology―including onboard systems and track-and-trace capabilities―has been fundamental to the company’s continued success. Standard Forwarding, seeking to improve the efficiency of its document-intensive invoicing process and to expand self-service functionality for customers, worked with Oracle Partner Redstone Content Solutions to transform its invoicing process and customer-service capabilities. Standard Forwarding deployed Oracle WebCenter Content to automate the paper-based invoice creation process, saving approximately US$350,000 annually in processing, paper, and personnel costs. Redstone Content Solutions also created and helped Standard Forwarding launch a new, easy-to-navigate Website with expanded capabilities that enable customers to conveniently manage every phase of the shipment lifecycle from a single location. Redstone Content Solutions used Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), Oracle WebCenter Capture, Oracle WebLogic Server, and Oracle WebCenter Content to build the powerful new solution.




A word from Standard Forwarding LLC

  • "The combination of Oracle Application Development Framework, Oracle WebCenter content management solutions, and Redstone Content Solutions’ expertise enabled us to elevate customer service to new levels, while improving operational efficiency. We’ve cut invoicing costs by more than US$350,000 annually and can provide better service to more customers, while using the same resources.” – Kevin Mishler, IT Director, Standard Forwarding LLC

  • Extend the company’s leadership role in the transportation industry by continually improving operational efficiency and customer service and support capabilities
  • Reduce the cost of compiling and posting invoices for the company’s LTL transport services by eliminating a paper-based process that required terminals to ship documentation to headquarters for scanning and processing
  • Minimize administrative process duplication to improve operational efficiency and the company’s ability to provide cost-competitive, transport services
  • Expand Web-based, self-service capabilities for customers, increasing convenience and putting important details about their shipments at their fingertips when they need them
  • Provide a reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use and manage Website and content management environment


  • Automated document capture required for invoicing with Oracle WebCenter Capture, accelerating invoicing for the company’s LTL services
  • Saved the company more than US$350,000 annually in invoice processing and personnel costs
  • Created a consolidated, image repository for bills of lading, shipment delivery receipts, and other company records, reducing physical storage costs and accelerating access to documentation
  • Used Oracle ADF, Oracle WebCenter Content, and Oracle WebLogic Server to create a new Website with expanded self-service capabilities that let customers manage the entire shipment lifecycle, from quoting through delivery confirmation, via a single location
  • Gave customers the power to track their shipments online, reducing calls to the customer service department and enabling them to focus on more complex inquiries
  • Enabled the company to continue to provide high-quality customer service with the same number of personnel, even as volume has increased significantly
  • Developed the Website using Oracle’s standards-based integration framework, making it easy to integrate with other systems, including the company’s proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, and ensuring the ability to seamlessly add new functionality, moving forward
  • Created a modular architecture to deploy, update, and conduct maintenance on a single module without impacting other parts of the Web-based solution

Why Oracle

Standard Forwarding selected Oracle’s WebCenter solutions because they offer a complete, open, and integrated portfolio of content, portal, and Web experience management technology in a single suite―enabling scalability and streamlined deployment of new capabilities in the future.

Redstone Content Solutions relied on Oracle ADF, which is built on top of Java Platform Enterprise Edition, to create the company’s new content environment. Oracle ADF significantly improves developer productivity with integrated infrastructure solutions for various layers of the application environment.


Redstone Content Solutions has been Standard Forwarding’s strategic consulting partner for nearly seven years. Redstone helped Standard Forwarding to scope and build the company’s new Website, including the many applications that pull information from Standard Forwarding’s enterprise resource planning environment. “As an integral part of our team, Redstone Content Solutions has been instrumental in helping us get to where we are today―using Oracle technology and tools to build a world-class Website, packed with self-service functionality that puts all of the services our customers need at their fingertips. We consider Redstone to be an extension of our marketing, customer service, and IT teams,” said Kevin Mishler, IT director, Standard Forwarding.