Starbucks Coffee Company Delivers Daily, Actionable Information to Store Managers, Improves Business Insight with High Performance Data Warehouse
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Starbucks Coffee Company Delivers Daily, Actionable Information to Store Managers, Improves Business Insight with High Performance Data Warehouse

  • Oracle Customer:  Starbucks Coffee Company
    Location:  Seattle, Washington
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  149,000
    Annual Revenue:  Over $5 Billion

Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest-quality arabica coffee in the world. Today, with stores around the globe, the company is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. The company is focused on running its business efficiently to deliver a premier customer experience while ensuring cost-conscious inventory control.




A word from Starbucks Coffee Company

  • "Our Oracle Exadata-based database warehouse and Oracle Business Intelligence environment deliver detailed insight into point-of-sale data that allows us to innovate and offer our customers better services." – Mike Manzano, Vice President, Analytics and Insight, Starbucks Coffee Company

  • Create a robust, 24/7-available enterprise data warehouse―containing sales, marketing, store management, point of sale, customer loyalty, and supply chain data―to drive more informed business decisions at the corporate, regional, and store levels
  • Improve ability to rapidly analyze and act on customer loyalty, coffee sales, and supply chain information to continue to drive innovation
  • Ensure scalability to support rapid growth in data volume


Oracle Product and Services

  • Used Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to create a high-performance enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence environment that provides analysts and managers at the branch, field, and corporate levels with timely and actionable insight into store and product performance, as well as supply chain operations
  • Gained the ability to load and refresh data from all stores in time for US East Coast store openings each morning, completing full loads in just four hours, and ensuring service level agreement compliance
  • Enabled the company to load point-of-sale and customer loyalty data daily―from 10,000 US stores―to the data warehouse and answer most queries―such as information on coffee sales, promotions, and product mixes in individual stores―in fewer than 10 seconds
  • Implemented Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression to optimize storage area usage and compress 70 terabytes of raw data to approximately 20 terabytes―in one case condensing 2 terabytes of table data to 275 gigabytes, an almost 90% footprint reduction
  • Utilized Oracle OLAP option, enabling 1-terabyte cubes to be available for fast and sophisticated analytics
  • Developed a front-end dashboard of key business indicators that enables 10,000 users―including store and corporate managers―to gain rapid visibility into store-level sales and operational data
  • Increased product analysts’ insight into customer preferences to facilitate strategic development and product launches
  • Reduced by hours the time that store managers spend on weekly reports, while simultaneously expanding insight and improving decision-making across thousands of stores
  • Used Oracle Partitioning to optimize data storage manageability and cost efficiency

Why Oracle

Starbucks had built its point-of-sale data warehouse on Oracle technology. This foundation, plus the Oracle OLAP option on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, enabled Starbucks to scale and seamlessly migrate its existing Oracle-based data warehouse to Oracle Exadata to expand insight and facilitate decisions, even with explosive growth in data and the user population.