Strateq Ensures System Uptime, Improves Customer Service, and Increases Competitiveness

Strateq Ensures System Uptime, Improves Customer Service, and Increases Competitiveness

  • Oracle Customer:  Strateq
    Location:  Selangor, Malaysia
    Industry:  High Technology
    Employees:  700
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

Strateq is a leading, Malaysia-based provider of integrated IT solutions and services, such as data-center hosting and disaster recovery to a range of business sectors, including healthcare, banking and financial services, telecommunications, and public services. Strateq’s strategic offerings fall under three main lines—industry solutions, IT infrastructure, and enterprise business––and help optimize clients’ business performance and profitability. Strateq also manages the Government of Malaysia’s off-premise data center project. The company has business interests in China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.




A word from Strateq

  • “With Oracle Database, uptime is simply not a question. We don’t hesitate to commit to its reliability, which we could not do for other solutions. With Oracle, we doubled our staff productivity, improved customer service, and laid a solid foundation for future cloud-based service expansion.” – Sher Khan bin Akbar Khan, Senior Vice President, IT Infrastructure, Global Delivery, Strateq

  • Deploy a robust, reliable and scalable database platform that meets service level agreements (SLAs) and supports 24/7, data-center service availability, particularly necessary for public and private hospitals in the healthcare sector 
  • Enable speedy fault diagnosis and resolution for customers’ databases to improve service quality and reduce operating costs
  • Prevent data loss for customers’ business-critical applications, such as for customers in the financial services and public sector industries through a reliable disaster recovery service to ensure business continuity
  • Provide a roadmap to deploy future cloud services, such as database as-a-service (DBasS) to reduce customer costs and increase the competitive advantage


  • Met SLA for system uptime and improved customer service by implementing a highly available and scalable Oracle Database, ensuring 24/7 availability for a public hospital’s critical services, even during peak usage periods, like clinic days when the hospital offers specialized-outpatient services
  • Ensured business continuity with Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Active Data Guard, enabling rapid failover to a remote standby database with near-zero data loss and ensuring uptime for the Malaysian government and its financial services customers’ business-critical applications
  • Doubled DBAs productivity by reducing fault resolution time from three hours to 30 minutes, enabling staff to focus on innovative ideas for delivering cloud service rather than troubleshooting, thanks to Oracle Database’s built-in diagnostic tool and ease of use
  • Saved significant customer support costs by enabling DBAs to easily manage and maintain the database and by eliminating the need to hire staff with advanced skill sets 
  • Enabled a capacity-to-demand licensing model and reduced IT costs, thanks to Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Ensured database reliability by leveraging resources from Oracle to rapidly resolve customers’ system issues, maximizing database performance
  • Developed an industry-leading hospital-management solution, based on Oracle Database, to integrate accounts, patient care and clinical systems; improve cost management; and increase operational efficiency
  • Laid a solid foundation to support the future upgrade to Oracle Database 12c and provide secure, flexible, and cost-effective cloud-based service offerings, such as DBaaS, for its customers, increasing the competitive advantage

Why Oracle

Strateq chose Oracle Database as the database platform for its in-house developed hospital-management solution and disaster-recovery services because of Oracle’s market-leading position, robustness, and reliability. Strateq also leverages the same Oracle platform technologies and infrastructure to deliver its application in the cloud. 

“We simply don’t rely on other vendors in the way we can rely on Oracle for our healthcare customers. When our prospective clients learned that we were running Oracle Database for our solutions, they asked no further questions. The reliability of Oracle speaks for itself,” said Sher Khan bin Akbar Khan, senior vice president, IT infrastructure, global delivery, Strateq.

Implementation Process

Strateq’s internal IT team implemented Oracle Database for its solution and disaster recovery services but worked with various partners, as required, to perform larger and more complex implementations. 

“We were able to achieve results beyond our expectations and ensure a successful implementation,” Khan said. “Thanks to Oracle, we received exceptional, around-the-clock assistance and improved our ability to provide better service.”