Sullivan Petroleum Uses Cloud to Automate Financial Processes—Cuts Data Entry by 80% and Supports Growth Without Adding Staff

Sullivan Petroleum Uses Cloud to Automate Financial Processes—Cuts Data Entry by 80% and Supports Growth Without Adding Staff

Sullivan Petroleum Co. LLC (SPC) is a jobber for Chevron Texaco Corporation, acting as the only marketer with the authority to rebrand or build new Chevron and Texaco retail sites in the Bakersfield, California area. As a jobber, it purchases refined fuel from Chevron for sale to retailers and directly to users. In addition, the fourth-generation company operates four convenience stores in the region.




A word from Sullivan Petroleum Co. LLC

  • "The combination of Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Application Express bring exceptional value to our growing organization. We have gained a highly reliable and scalable data infrastructure without the need to grow our staff or invest heavily in hardware. We’ve cut data entry by 80% and expanded our business without a commensurate increase in staff. That’s the promise of IT.” – Tim Sullivan, Vice President, Business Operations, Sullivan Petroleum Co. LLC

  • Automate processes, such as billing and statement creation, to support expansion of the company’s wholesale and retail gas distribution and convenience store operations and optimize profitability as the organization grows
  • Create a data infrastructure that ensures high availability scales easily and cost-effectively as the company grows, and ensures predictable IT costs


  • Deployed Oracle Database Cloud Service and used Oracle Application Express to create a data infrastructure and support applications that have automated core business processes, such as statement creation, for the growing enterprise
  • Added six gas stations to the company’s network in the last two years without the need to add staff and is expected to add several additional stations with its existing employee base by optimizing productivity and operational efficiency
  • Used Oracle Application Express to create applications that enable the company to download data from Chevron systems to automatically populate accounting and billing software, reducing manual data entry requirements by 80% and nearly eliminating errors
  • Eliminated weekly and month-end bottlenecks associated with manual data entry—accelerating financial processes
  • Reduced paper use and storage requirements by 90%—cutting costs, improving access to data, and supporting sustainability efforts
  • Avoided the need to hire a database administrator in-house—enabling the business to focus additional resources on the company’s core fuel business
  • Ensured high availability, expert systems management, and the ability to scale when needed with the cloud-based database solution

Why Oracle

“We considered several options when beginning our automation journey. We looked at prebuilt application packages, but our industry is so unique that we determined that, in this instance, it was best to build our own solution,” said Tim Sullivan, vice president, business operations, SPC. “Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Application Express offered the perfect combination. Oracle Application Express is an easy-to-use, yet robust tool, and Oracle’s database cloud offering enables us to enjoy the benefits of the world’s leading database without the need to manage it in-house.”

Implementation Process

SPC deployed Oracle Database Cloud Service seamlessly and used Oracle Application Express to quickly build a financial application prototype, which it used for nearly two years. The group ran the application and manual processes in parallel during testing and has continued to roll out new applications on the data platform.