SunGard Availability Services Improves Database Performance by 70% and Simplifies IT
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SunGard Availability Services Improves Database Performance by 70% and Simplifies IT

SunGard Availability Services provides IT operations support to keep businesses’ mission critical information and applications up and running. SunGard provides responsive and integrated disaster recovery, cloud services, managed services, IT consulting, and business continuity management software solutions that help keep people and information connected in the financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, business services, transportation, telecommunications, utilities, and government industries.

Over the past five to six years, SunGard’s data nearly tripled in size, and the large influx of information had stressed its existing infrastructure. The company needed to prime itself for continued data growth by simplifying its IT infrastructure, improving storage capacity, and achieving significant space and power savings by consolidating existing systems. SunGard wanted to continue to provide its customers with market-leading disaster recovery and managed IT services.

A strategic Oracle partner for the last 15 years, SunGard selected Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance to meet growing data needs and help consolidate its existing data warehouse. Since these solutions work in conjunction with its existing Oracle infrastructure, which includes Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers running Oracle Solaris, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Oracle WebCenter, SunGard will use Oracle Exadata to support both its legacy database and Oracle E-Business Suite implementation. It is leveraging Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance for backup and data replication to an off-site disaster recovery location.

In addition, SunGard wanted to take advantage of Hybrid Columnar Compression, enabled by Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, to improve its customer offering, compress its data, and enable replication of its production backups to an off-site data center several times a day. Further, with Sun ZFS Storage Appliance’s direct InfiniBand connection to Oracle Exadata, SunGard expects to write 5 TB to 8 TB per hour to the device, supporting full data recovery in less than an hour. SunGard has also achieved a 70% performance increase after testing Oracle Exadata running Oracle E-Business Suite, a performance increase that is expected to have a direct impact on the company’s bottom line by enhancing its responsiveness to customers. 

SunGard is also concurrently upgrading to Oracle Solaris 11 to further enhance its customer service offering, better run virtual software environments, and fully leverage the capabilities of the SPARC T4 servers. The latest Solaris version is also 100% compatible with the company’s legacy code, and enables the company to rapidly take advantage of its new Oracle hardware capacity, while migrating its data at a more relaxed pace. Overall, the Oracle solution has provided SunGard with a highly reliable, faster, and more responsive platform to improve its disaster recovery capabilities.

A word from SunGard Availability Services

  • “Over the last five or six years, we’ve seen our data grow significantly, putting real stress on our infrastructure. Oracle Exadata and the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance have enabled us to address massive growth, improve performance, and be more responsive to customer requests.” – Hal Moretto, Director of Database Platforms, SunGard Availability Services



Why Oracle

“Oracle is really building a competitive advantage by running its technology on the Oracle Sun ZFS hardware. We selected Oracle because we saw the IT and business benefits to its technology roadmap, and we wanted to align with that direction as we move forward and expand the SunGard footprint,” said Hal Moretto, director of database platforms, SunGard Availability Services.