Sunway Shared Services Consolidates 12 Physical Servers into One Virtual Platform, Saving Approximately US$400,000
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Sunway Shared Services Consolidates 12 Physical Servers into One Virtual Platform, Saving Approximately US$400,000

Established in 2003, Sunway Shared Services Sdn. Bhd. offers IT shared services to the subsidiary companies of Sunway Group, including centralized infrastructure and operations, applications, and enterprise architecture management. The company supports Sunway core business units, such as property and construction, building materials, trading and manufacturing, healthcare, leisure and hospitality.




A word from Sunway Shared Services Sdn. Bhd.

  • “We chose Oracle VM because it provides high availability for our customers by being based on a single virtual platform that meets the specific needs of our growing business across 11 countries. We will save approximately US$400,000, improve staff productivity and satisfaction, and generate reports 33% faster.” – Kevin Khoo, Director, Sunway Shared Services Sdn. Bhd.

  • Implement a single, virtual platform for the expanding business to save data center operating costs
  • Improve customer service by meeting service-level agreement ensuring seamless integration with Oracle JD Edwards enterprise resource planning (ERP) system upgrade and high availability for subsidiary divisions, such as property investment and construction, across 11 countries
  • Simplify system management and maintenance tasks to improve productivity and avoid needing additional staff to support company growth
  • Improve staff satisfaction by eliminating overtime and replacing mundane operational tasks with more strategic projects


Oracle Product and Services

  • Saved approximately US$400,000 on carbon footprint, energy and cooling requirements, staffing, and ongoing hardware and software maintenance costs by consolidating 12 server rooms onto a single virtual platform
  • Cut yearly staffing costs by approximately US$120,000 by eliminating the need for additional hires to operate and maintain six to eight servers
  • Enabled subsidiaries to produce daily reports—such as financial reports regarding property investments—33% faster, facilitating rapid business decisions and bolstering growth and innovation
  • Configured servers 50% faster using Oracle VM templates, reducing Oracle JD Edwards ERP application deployment time, enabling faster overall project deliveries and meeting service level agreements for customers
  • Gained capacity to manage significant data growth across 11 countries with Oracle VM by avoiding the need to spend approximately US$500,000 to rebuild a data center
  • Increased staff productivity by reducing the time for checking system logs from two hours to 30 minutes—a 75% improvement
  • Made system management easier by switching from client-based to browser-based interface using Oracle VM Manager, which also shortened by 30% the learning process for system management and support
  • Improved staff satisfaction by allowing IT team members to focus on strategic projects and customer service—rather than on IT maintenance tasks—and eliminating the need to work late into the night
  • Increased customer satisfaction by eliminating four hours system downtime each month and ensuring high availability without service interruptions to subsidiaries
  • Improved environmental sustainability by decreasing electricity requirements and reducing the carbon footprint
  • Ensured high availability for each subsidiary by adopting the virtualization environment, also minimizing risks and time for application redeployment

Why Oracle

With business growth increasing six fold in three years, Sunway Shared Services decided to upgrade its enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1. The company realizing that the upgrade needed a more resilient and cost-effective platform, considered deploying blade or VMware solutions. 

“Attending Oracle OpenWorld, we learned more about how Oracle software works better on Oracle hardware. We did a benchmark test on Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne batch program, and it demonstrated a 33% improvement using Oracle VM,” said Kevin Khoo, director, Sunway Shared Services Sdn. Bhd.

“We decided to deploy Oracle VM solutions because they enabled us to achieve significant cost savings and real benefits. Oracle was also interoperable with our JD Edwards upgrade. We would have had to spend about US$500,000 to build a new data center without Oracle solutions,” Khoo said. 

Implementation Process

In December 2012, Sunway Shared Services implemented Oracle VM for its server consolidation initiative, building a single virtual platform for the data center. 

The virtual platform went live on time and within budget in January 2013.


Sunway Shared Services engaged Oracle Platinum Partner, Sunway S&I Systems Sdn. Bhd. to support its Oracle VM implementation.

“We are very happy with the service from Sunway S&I Systems implementation team. It understood our business requirements and the benefits of Oracle VM, so the deployment came together efficiently and according to plan,” said Khoo.