SUPERVALU Manages Access for More Than 2,200 Tablet Computers to Secure, Real-Time Information for Increased Mobility
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SUPERVALU Manages Access for More Than 2,200 Tablet Computers to Secure, Real-Time Information for Increased Mobility

SUPERVALU, established in 1870, operates in two complementary and interrelated industries—grocery retailing and food logistics. The national grocery retailer and wholesaler has more than 2,200 corporate-owned stores and approximately 2,500 independent franchises. Its stores primarily sell perishable and nonperishable grocery items, general merchandise, health and beauty care products, fuel, and pharmacy products.

SUPERVALU is also one of the largest food distributors in the country, serving more than 4,300 retail end points via its supply chain and support services. SUPERVALU’s services include sourcing, invoicing, and payment services between its independent retailers and vendors.




A word from SUPERVALU

  • "Through Oracle’s forward-thinking approach to identity management, we can provide our employees with the technology they need to be more productive and bolster customer relationships, while enabling the company to securely leverage the latest social and mobile innovations.” – Phillip Black, IT Director for Identity and Access Management, SUPERVALU

  • Provide store managers with secure access to real-time information to increase mobility and enable employees to more efficiently respond to business needs
  • Increase user productivity and enable store directors to spend less time navigating through applications and more time strengthening customer relationships on the grocery store floor
  • Provide risk-based authentication to ensure all business information is secure
  • Consolidate information and servers to improve business efficiency
  • Leverage social media to make it easier for retail and commercial customers, as well as partners, to do business with SUPERVALU


  • Implemented Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 to provide secure access to back-office applications via more than 2,200 Apple iPads distributed across the grocery retailer
  • Enable store directors to access business information in real-time to manage their respective SUPERVALU retail locations from anywhere on the store floor―increasing productivity and their ability to spend additional face-to-face time with customers
  • Improved decision-making and mobility with access to secure, real-time information via iPads, enabling store directors to respond to frequently changing customer needs―for example by improving ability to respond to changes needed for stocking weather-related merchandise―thus increasing customer satisfaction
  • Replaced two, separate directory environments with just one directory, with a 98% conversion rate for the applications that integrate with the directory, ensuring minimal downtime and impact to users, thanks to Oracle’s identity management solutions
  • Consolidated the directory server infrastructure from 15 to 5 servers, reducing IT complexity and management burden
  • Enabled secure users to log in only once for all applications―improving store directors’ productivity―while implementing risk-based authentication that uses security flags around usage, IP address, location, and other unique identifiers to ensure complete security and minimal risk
  • Provided business partners and franchises with an identity framework to enable social media access, thus making it easier and faster to do business with SUPERVALU while ensuring information security
  • Enabled SUPERVALU to federate identities internally across multiple identity platforms, and externally to partners by passing authenticated identity information to a third-party provider to obtain an enriched, single-sign-on identity―improving collaboration and making it easier to integrate new applications

Why Oracle

Continuing its long-standing partnership with Oracle which began in 2002, SUPERVALU selected Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 to deliver the powerful security it required to leverage social, mobile, and cloud technologies. It also appreciated that the system was easy to use and maintain.

“Oracle has invested heavily in the identity and access management space in recent years. The result is a best-of-breed solution set that is constantly upgraded with advanced functionality and is increasingly easy to use. Moving to Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 from our existing Sun infrastructure was an easy decision,” said Phillip Black, IT director for identity and access management, SUPERVALU.