Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek Ensures Top-Quality Data Preparation with High-Performance Database and Archiving Solution
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Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek Ensures Top-Quality Data Preparation with High-Performance Database and Archiving Solution

Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek (Swiss National Library) contains all publications issued in Switzerland or written by Swiss authors, including Swiss daily newspapers, novels, documentaries, yearbooks, official publications, and geographical maps. Its two most important special collections are the Prints and Drawings Department and the Swiss Literary Archives, which consist of photographs, etchings, posters, postcards, and manuscripts. The Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel—which houses a large collection of works by Swiss painter and writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt—is also part of the Swiss National Library. The Swiss National Library’s collections comprise more than 5 million documents.




A word from Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek

  • “Our core competence is the preparation of raw data and metadata on Swiss publications and authors for research purposes. Due to the strong competition from search engines and the associated required database performance, we deployed Oracle Database in combination with Oracle partner scope solutions’ integrated archiving system to enable quick and reliable searches for library users and to maintain our competitive advantage.” –Stefan Kwasnitza, Head of Library and Archival Systems, Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek

  • Deploy a database foundation and archiving system that enables the library to index all publications and collections and improve data retrieval speed
  • Ensure that researchable information is enriched with metadata, such as author tags to enable library users to quickly and easily locate desired information
  • Make sure that the Swiss National Library occupies a leading position for research on Swiss authors and publications—for professionals and the public alike—despite stiff competition from world-renowned search engines


Oracle Product and Services

  • Deployed Oracle Database as a foundation for scopeArchiv—an integrated archiving system developed by Oracle partner scope solutions AG—to provide a reliable data infrastructure that supports vital internal information development processes, such as data processing, description, indexing, and transfer
  • Enhanced Swiss National Library’s key competence—the preparation of raw data and metadata for research purposes—by enabling fast and accurate research results, based on the values stored in Oracle Database
  • Ensured a successful open-data approach by providing professional researchers and the public with fast and accurate search results on Swiss authors and publications
  • Benefited from Oracle Database’s manageability and scopeArchiv’s user-friendly interface to facilitate access to the Swiss National Library’s collections, making the library an attractive information provider whose processes are replicated by world-renowned search engines, like Google
  • Used Oracle Database to facilitate prompt data processing, a vital requirement for the preparation of Swiss National Library’s valuable public and private archive documents for long-term storage, by means of scopeArchiv’s integrated archiving system and digital repository
  • Enhanced the library’s capability to aggregate structured data and gained considerable intellectual performance and competitive advantage

Why Oracle

The Swiss National Library chose a solution based on Oracle Database due to its high performance, reliability, and manageability. With Oracle, the organization can ensure rapid data indexing and processing to provide researchers and the public with fast and accurate information on Swiss publications.


scopeArchiv is a comprehensive, modular, off-the-shelf solution for public and private archives. It supports the Swiss National Library’s entire value creation chain—from pre-archiving, processing, description, and storage, to dissemination via internet and intranet, including archived material purchasing.

“As a federal institution, we ran a public tender for selecting an archiving solution. Oracle partner scope solutions AG offered the best cost-benefit ratio, excellent process support, and a brilliant user interface. The company also builds its systems on the fully-featured Oracle Database, which is easy to manage and scale to growing IT needs,” said Stefan Kwasnitza, head of library and archival systems, Swiss National Library.