Takasbank Minimizes Service Interruptions and Improves Customer Service Quality to Support International Financial Markets
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Takasbank Minimizes Service Interruptions and Improves Customer Service Quality to Support International Financial Markets

Takasbank A.Ş. is a specialized investment bank, providing clearing, settlement, collateral management, custody, asset transfer, cash credit, and other financial services to brokerage houses and members of the Turkish Capital market. Takasbank is the only authorized settlement center responsible for executed-trade clearing and settlement in markets operating under Borsa Istanbul, as well as traded contract clearing, settlement, and collateral management.

With more than 20 years of experience in steering capital markets, the company has maintained its growth through an efficiency-oriented, high-quality service approach, and through customer trust and reputation. As one of the region’s pioneering and guiding investment institutions, it also serves to ensure coordination between international markets. Providing swift, secure, and effective services to a growing and globalizing market through its electronic service platform, Takasbank provides innovative solutions that contribute to the development of capital markets in Turkey as well as in neighboring countries.




A word from Takasbank A.Ş.

  • “We run a critical business—providing a range of online application-based financial services on which Turkish and international capital markets depend—so we need strong IT partners with the knowledge and capacity to solve technical issues within minutes, not hours. Thanks to Oracle, we have transformed our database management system and increased the speed, reliability, and level of service we provide to our clients.” – A. Orkan Genç, Database & Middleware Management Manager, Takasbank A.Ş.

  • Increase quality, speed, and consistency of applications providing online clearing and settlement services to money and commodity markets—improving investment transaction execution, query response times, and customer satisfaction
  • Acquire the ability to integrate IT systems with other financial institutions in Turkey and abroad to become the only institution responsible for implementing the Istanbul International Finance Center’s international payment and clearing and settlement system integration action plan
  • Increase availability and performance of the production database—which supports online financial applications for each of the bank’s services—in line with the company’s increased role in the Turkish Capital markets
  • Redesign the database management system—which involves converting more than 15 years of intellectual assets, including more than 1 million lines of software code—to increase scalability and performance


  • Deployed Oracle Database with Real Application Clusters and Oracle Active Data Guard to dramatically improve database availability, financial data protection, and business continuity, leading to minimal service downtime—critically important for the health of Turkish capital markets, as service interruptions can have a nationwide impact
  • Reduced time for customers to complete online transaction processing and online analytical processing queries, such as custody, banking, and debt security market transactions with the power of Oracle Database, which supports more than 2,000 concurrent connections
  • Enabled effective collaboration with international settlement and custody institutions—thanks to Oracle Database’s standardized technology and ability to integrate with international clearing and settlement systems, enhancing financial services provided to local and foreign residents in international markets
  • Minimized time spent transitioning to the new database environment with Oracle SQL Developer’s embedded scratch editor, converting 9,000 stored procedures—including all intellectual assets and 1.2 million lines of software code—to the new system
  • Deployed Oracle Active Data Guard to synchronize the production database with a colocated business continuity database and an additional instance off-site in Ankara—all running on Oracle Real Application Clusters—ensuring the production database is no longer a single point of failure, and that the organization can relocate database services in case of disaster
  • Used Oracle Partitioning to enable more efficient table management for database administrators, while allowing in-house developers to reuse application components across multiple applications used by the bank’s customers—such as equity market transactions services
  • Improved application development processes and more quickly provided Turkish capital market members with applications—from trade clearing procedures and precious metal cash settlement, to collateral transactions services—thanks to Oracle SQL Developer’s developer-friendly and rich programming capabilities
  • Deployed Oracle GoldenGate to automate and ensure stable, error-free data migration—incorporating real-time changes to financial data in the live Sybase system—enabling database administrators to control and transfer data to the Oracle test environment in only 8 hours from an estimated 24, while also enabling developers to execute tests with renewed data every week
  • Used Oracle Enterprise Manager throughout the data migration to provide full service monitoring—such as the ongoing status of functional and load tests in different perspectives, and with full history options—which eliminated unforeseen database and development problems after the transition of the live production environment, thereby ensuring business continuity
  • Enabled smooth and timely project completion by engaging Oracle Consulting to help design the new database management system and provide workshops to in-house IT staff on system architecture review, installation, and performance tuning issues, in addition to Oracle technologies

Why Oracle

“As soon as we decided to change our database management system, we began a proof of concept period with potential suppliers. We needed a solution that offered high-availability and could easily convert 9,000 Sybase T-SQL stored procedures to its own programming language—a real challenge,” said A. Orkan Genç, database and middleware management manager, Takasbank A.Ş.

“All suppliers provided very reasonable presentations demonstrating how they could handle the high-availability challenge. Each provider’s solution was quite convincing. But we wanted to see how these theories worked in practice. We needed timely onsite testing, a reliable conversion tool, and a high level of local support. Only Oracle was able to deliver these for us. In addition, the amount of Oracle documentation—either official or personal blogs—provided us with a huge problem-solving and system-improvement resource library, which is a significant asset for our team,” Genç said.