Tata Sky Increases Database Performance by 2x, Accelerates Response Time by 90%, and Improves Customer Satisfaction
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Tata Sky Increases Database Performance by 2x, Accelerates Response Time by 90%, and Improves Customer Satisfaction

Incorporated in 2004 and headquartered in Mumbai, Tata Sky Ltd. is a joint venture between the global TATA Group and British Sky Broadcasting Group. Tata Sky strives toward delivering Indian viewers a world-class television-viewing experience through its satellite television service. As a leading direct-to-home service provider in India, it delivers satellite television to more than 11 million customers.




A word from Tata Sky Ltd.

  • "We chose Oracle Database for its low cost, high performance, high availability, and scalability that enabled us to easily handle more than 2 million transactions every day to support our future growth. We improved our database performance by 2x, accelerated customer query response time by 90%, and enhanced staff productivity and customer satisfaction.”– N. Ravishanker, CIO, Tata Sky Ltd.

  • Upgrade and consolidate the database infrastructure to improve system performance and ensure 24/7 satellite television service for 11 million customers
  • Provide faster response time to customer queries, such as new channel requests, and strengthen personal data security to increase customer satisfaction
  • Boost IT staff morale by automating system management tasks and enabling staff to focus on more strategic and profitable projects


  • Improved database performance by 2x by consolidating two Oracle Database 9i’s into a single Oracle Database 11g Release 2, enabling faster data processing speeds for handling more than 2 million daily transactions, such as new television channel requests and movie orders
  • Achieved 100% system availability using Oracle Real Application Clusters’ failover capabilities to eliminate system downtime, ensuring 24/7 satellite television service for 11 million customers
  • Boosted customer satisfaction by accelerating concurrent customer query response time by 90%—from 40 seconds to 4 seconds—and reducing call-handling time by 60% to enhance competitive advantage
  • Improved process efficiency by 20% and gained staff productivity by reducing time to generate work orders or television service activation cycle time
  • Strengthened data security using data encryption and disaster recovery features to ensure data protection for 11 million customers’ personal information, such as credit card details
  • Supported future data growth by improving storage capacity with advanced compression technology and scalability on demand
  • Boosted staff morale by implementing Oracle Enterprise Manager to automate arduous maintenance tasks, such as system logs, enabling staff to focus on best practices and value-added tasks

Why Oracle

Tata Sky decided to upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 as the company wanted to improve its system performance to support future data growth.    

“We didn’t even consider other vendors, as we have been familiar and comfortable with Oracle products for years. Oracle Database is highly available, secure, scalable, and cost effective. The upgrade seamlessly replaced the existing database, which is critical for our 24/7 television service,” said N. Ravishanker, CIO, Tata Sky Ltd.

Implementation Process

Tata Sky completed its Oracle Database upgrade and Oracle Real Application Clusters implementation project in June 2013. It finished the project on time and without business disruption.


Tata Sky engaged Oracle partner Tata Consultancy Services as the system integrator for its Oracle Database upgrade.  

“We are very happy with Tata Consultancy Services expertise and experience with Oracle Database, which enabled us to handle massive data volume everyday and support our future growth,” Ravishanker said.