Tata Sky Accelerates Transaction Processing Speed by 10x, Ensures Business Continuity, and Slashes Operating Costs by 20%

Tata Sky Accelerates Transaction Processing Speed by 10x, Ensures Business Continuity, and Slashes Operating Costs by 20%

Incorporated in 2004 and headquartered in Mumbai, Tata Sky Ltd. is a leading, direct-to-home, satellite-broadcasting, television-service provider in India. The company provides and installs set-top boxes offering picture, sound, and interactive services for television, as well as high-definition content channels and recorders, and video on demand. As a joint venture between the global Tata Group and British Sky Broadcasting Group, Tata Sky delivers its satellite television service to more than 12 million customers across the country.




A word from Tata Sky Ltd.

  • “Thanks to Oracle’s SPARC servers running on Oracle Solaris, we gained the highest reliability, availability, and serviceability for our business-critical applications, enabling us to deliver 24/7 television service to our 12 million customers. We accelerated transaction-processing speed by10x, slashed operating costs by 20%, and improved customer satisfaction.” – N. Ravishanker, CIO, Tata Sky Ltd.

  • Consolidate 61 legacy servers for business-critical applications, including a billing system, smart card management system, and electronic voucher distribution system, onto a SPARC server platform, running on Oracle Solaris, to reduce operating costs
  • Provide a highly reliable, scalable, and serviceable enterprise-data-center server to improve processing speed for 3 million daily transactions, such as channel subscriptions, and ensure 24/7 satellite television service for 12 million customers
  • Ensure seamless migration to Oracle Solaris 11 to minimize risk and costs for applications running on legacy Oracle Solaris 9


  • Processed 3 million daily transactions 10x faster—from 4 seconds to 0.4 seconds per transaction—by using Oracle’s SPARC T5 dual processor, delivering virtually instantaneous responses to customer requests, such as for new television channels and movie orders
  • Slashed operating costs by 20%, including licensing costs as well as data center floor space requirements, by using energy-efficient and modularly designed SPARC T5 servers and enabling server consolidation at no additional cost, thanks to SPARC’s advanced virtualization technologies and linear scalability
  • Reduced data-center risk and costs by enabling seamless migration to Oracle Solaris 11 from legacy Oracle Solaris 9 without changes to business-critical applications, thanks to Oracle Solaris’s binary compatibility and Oracle Solaris Zones Preflight System Checker
  • Increased customer satisfaction by ensuring uninterrupted television service with high reliability, availability, and serviceability of business-critical applications running on Oracle SPARC M5-32 and Oracle Solaris 11, ensuring that a disaster recovery site will be operational in 90 minutes
  • Reduced and simplified server management tasks for administrators using the Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager tool to automate fault detection, notification, and server deployment, minimizing IT outsourcing service costs for operations and maintenance
  • Ensured high security and high performance for business-critical applications, such as a billing payment system, by using SPARC T5-2, SPARC T5-4, and SPARC M5-32 built-in, on-chip, cryptographic accelerators without affecting system performance, increasing management’s confidence for decision-making
  • Supported revenue growth by ensuring 24/7 television service for 12 million customers with Oracle Solaris 11’s automated, multisite clustering and zoning capabilities

Why Oracle

Tata Sky chose Oracle’s SPARC T5 and SPARC M5-32 servers due to their binary-compatibility and guarantee for legacy applications and the company’s positive experience using Oracle Database for the past seven years.

“With Oracle’s SPARC servers running on Oracle Solaris, we gained peace of mind for our 24/7 television service, enabling us to scale our services to growing demand while steadily meeting service level agreement requirements and supporting our revenue growth,” said N. Ravishanker, CIO, Tata Sky.

Implementation Process

Tata Sky engaged Oracle partner Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) and Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services for its server-consolidation project. With Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services’ highly competent and specialized skills in deploying complex IT infrastructure, Tata Sky completed the project in only four months—ahead of schedule and within budget.


TCS provided Tata Sky with configuration and system administration support for its complex server consolidation project and continues with postimplementation support.

“We were very impressed with TCS’s highly specialized skills and experience with Oracle SPARC servers, enabling us to integrate seamlessly with our legacy applications and reduce our costs,” Ravishanker said.