Telekom Deutschland Speeds Order Processing for Landline and Mobile Communications Services with Unified Customer Information System
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Telekom Deutschland Speeds Order Processing for Landline and Mobile Communications Services with Unified Customer Information System

With almost 132 million cell phone customers, 32 million landlines, and more than 17 million broadband connections, Telekom Deutschland GmbH (Deutsche Telekom) is one of the world’s leading integrated communications companies. The company offers products and services for landlines, mobile telephone, internet, and internet protocol television (IPTV) for noncorporate customers, as well as information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for enterprise and commercial customers. Deutsche Telekom operates in some 50 countries. In fiscal year 2012, the company generated more than half of its revenue outside Germany. Telekom Deutschland GmbH is responsible for the group’s corporate customers in Germany for both fixed access and mobile communications services.




A word from Telekom Deutschland GmbH

  • “We consolidated our corporate customer information using Oracle Customer Hub and Oracle’s Siebel CRM solutions. We improved data quality, reduced process lead times, enhanced customer management, and created a more streamlined infrastructure with a lower total cost of ownership.” – Marco Leicher, Senior Manager Business Customers and Wholesale, Telekom Deutschland GmbH

  • Reduce complexity and total cost of ownership of the company’s corporate sales systems by replacing five, highly customized sales solutions that require significant maintenance efforts
  • Improve the quality of commercial customer data across landline and mobile communications services to maximize sales efficiencies in Deutsche Telekom’s commercial communications customer segment
  • Speed sales order processing by establishing a modern, integrated customer management solution
  • Improve sales pipeline visibility by enabling 650 account managers to follow a structured approach when selling communications products and services to enterprises and commercial customers —from simple business-call and individual-cloud solutions, to complex, networking solutions


Oracle Product and Services

  • Deployed Oracle Customer Data Hub, part of Oracle’s Siebel suite of solutions, as the single source of truth for commercial customer data in Germany across landline and mobile communications services, accelerating order fulfillment and sales-commission payments
  • Replaced five, highly customized legacy systems, which offered only restricted data models and limited data consistency, with an integrated customer management solution that reduces IT infrastructure complexity and total cost of ownership, while ensuring full system support
  • Integrated Oracle Customer Hub and Siebel CRM Sales in real-time mode (with some processes such as data verification operated in batch mode) to ensure data consistency, accuracy, validity, integrity, and usability across all corporate customer systems—optimizing order processing and provisioning
  • Performed data cleansing and migration of 400,000 business customers from five legacy systems with restricted data models to a centralized data master, based on Siebel products, in line with the group’s software policy—greatly improving customer data quality, correcting inaccurate information, and establishing a single point of truth
  • Enabled 30 customer data stewards (who are responsible for data quality) and 650 key account managers to streamline sales processes for greater efficiency and increased revenue
  • Reduced lead times for core business processes, such as activating a new phone line for a business customer and paying sales commissions, thanks to faster data capture
  • Leveraged a single version of accurate customer data, as well as synergies with the Siebel-based toolset used by Deutsche Telekom for its corporate business and to enable more professional customer contact
  • Increased forecasting and opportunity pipeline transparency and accuracy, enabling the company to optimize planning capabilities across all its communications services

Why Oracle

“Deutsche Telekom decided years ago to manage its business and residential customer data and processes in Germany using Oracle’s Siebel products. We were very satisfied and, therefore, expanded our Siebel-based toolset to the business customer segment,” said Marco Leicher, senior manager business customers and wholesale, Telekom Deutschland GmbH.


T-Systems International GmbH is Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer arm. Using a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. With 47,600 employees in more than 20 countries and its global delivery capabilities, T-Systems serves companies in all industries.

T-Systems was integrally involved in the design and build process. It also continues to run and manage the customer information system, which went live in June 2012.