Telekom Srbija Achieves Flawless Enterprise Resource Planning Upgrade with Internal Resources, Adds Serbian Language Capabilities
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Telekom Srbija Achieves Flawless Enterprise Resource Planning Upgrade with Internal Resources, Adds Serbian Language Capabilities

Telekom Srbija a.d. is a communications company founded in 1997 following the restructuring of the public telecommunications enterprise PTT Communications Srbija. The company provisions fixed and mobile telephony, internet, satellite communications, data transfer services, and line leasing in Serbia. Telekom Srbija has international operations in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro. The Serbian government owns 78.11% of the company’s shares after transferring 6.94% of shares to Telekom Srbija’s employees and 14.95% of shares to Serbia’s citizens in May 2012.




A word from Telekom Srbija a.d.

  • “We upgraded to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 using our internal resources assisted by Oracle consultants to meet a critical, 48-hour downtime window and expanded our technology knowledge. The upgrade—realized in time—was very cost-efficient. It enabled us to provide better support for end users, reduce maintenance and development costs, and increase operational efficiency with Serbian language support.” – Danijela Pavlović, Head of Human Resources Support Section, Telekom Srbija a.d.

  • Upgrade to the latest release of the company’s human resources management system by using internal resources to develop skill sets for future deployments and reduce costs
  • Avoid business interruptions and their costly impact, such as lost revenue, decreased productivity, reduced customer satisfaction with the company’s telecommunciations services, and negative experiences associated with the brand
  • Deploy human resource (HR) and learning management applications in Serbian language to enable employees to use all of the solutions’ capabilities
  • Reduce application maintenance costs, for example by eliminating the need to develop new HR forms in Serbian
  • Establish the foundation for adding new applications without exhausting development and support budgets


  • Upgraded the company’s production, development, and testing environments from Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11.5.10 to Release 12.1 within the scheduled 48-hour downtime window, increasing the availability of mission-critical environments—such as telecommunications network services—which helped minimize the impact on revenue and the business’s reputation
  • Realized the entire upgrade within two months with internal resources, assisted by only one Oracle consultant
  • Implemented Serbian language support for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 with Unicode character set (both Latin and Cyrillic characters) to enable 2,000 Oracle Learning Management users and 100 Oracle Human Resources users to work in their own language, facilitating understanding and adoption of the new technology and helping the business run more effectively and efficiently
  • Eliminated the need to develop forms, templates, and user interfaces in Serbian, substantially reducing maintenance and development costs
  • Produced management reports with Oracle Human Resources that help to increase operational efficiency—such as detailed overviews of workplaces, positions, and employee qualifications that enable the company to optimize organizational structures
  • Used Oracle Learning Management to establish a content server for training catalogs, administer teachers and attendees, and make courses available on a streaming platform—enabling the company to monitor each employee’s learning path to ensure their skills meet the highest professional standards
  • Used Oracle Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite to provide a consolidated, end-to-end system monitoring solution that resulted in a 60% reduction in error resolution time for Oracle E-Business Suite related issues and freed up database administrators’ time by approximately 35%
  • Worked with Oracle Consulting to accelerate issue resolution and transfer knowledge to the in-house IT team
  • Anticipated the deployment of supplementary Oracle E-Business Suite modules with Serbian language support, such as Oracle Performance Management and Oracle iRecruitment, to ensure that the company attracts and retains a highly skilled workforce in the increasingly competitive communications market

Why Oracle

“We upgraded to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 because we wanted to benefit of the numerous enhancements of that release. It is mandatory to be technologically up-to-date, and we are also looking ahead to our migration to Oracle Fusion Middleware technology that will further reduce costs, improve the quality of key processes, and maximize IT efficiency. Our cooperation with Oracle Consulting was flawless and very enriching for our IT team,” said Danijela Pavlović, head of human resources support section, Telekom Srbija.

Implementation Process

Telekom Srbija upgraded to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 in two months using internal resources as well as support from Oracle Consulting. During that period, the organization conducted two test migrations. The migration of productive systems had to be performed over a weekend.

“We expected to need a much larger budget and at least six months to complete the upgrade. But we realized that the help of Oracle Consulting and thorough planning, neither the upgrade costs nor the timeframe would be an issue,” Pavlović added.

In terms of lessons learned, Telekom Serbia notes that organizations should take certain steps to ensure a successful upgrade on time and within budget. For example, organizations should design a detailed project plan that defines all steps, their order, and necessary resources; ensure that the entire technology stack runs on the latest patches; document all existing customizations; and determine which customizations should be replaced with out-of-the-box features.