Telenor Group Optimizes Sustainability Reporting to Gain More Business Benefits from Green Initiatives

Telenor Group Optimizes Sustainability Reporting to Gain More Business Benefits from Green Initiatives

Telenor Group is one of the world’s largest mobile telecoms companies and is the leading provider of mobile, broadband, and TV services in the Nordic region. The operator has more than 150 million mobile subscribers and over 33,000 employees across 11 markets in Scandinavia, Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe. For the 11th year in a row, Telenor Group has been named one of the top performers on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) in the mobile telecommunications sector.




A word from Telenor Group

  • “Nonfinancial reporting with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management provides us with a good knowledge base for monitoring and enhancing our social and environmental performance. It thereby contributes to sustainable growth.” – Mai Oldgard, Vice President and Head of Corporate Responsibility, Telenor Group.

  • Improve the quality of sustainability data within the framework of permanent improvements in business performance in the mobile communications market
  • Integrate sustainability into all areas of the telecommunications business by making relevant data easily and widely available
  • Ensure compliance to guidelines and definitions for sustainability as it relates to the company’s mobile service operations
  • Standardize and optimize the process of measuring sustainability criteria
  • Ensure that sustainability reporting follows the same strict procedural requirements as financial reporting to ensure accuracy and completeness and integrate the two processes


Oracle Product and Services

  • Created a structured, standardized, and easy way to collect sustainability data through Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, supporting the company’s sustainability strategy, thus improving business performance across all Telenor business units
  • Used services of Oracle partner Centre Consulting to simplify and hone sustainability reporting, while integrating all calculations into the application
  • Enabled employees to spend their time on data analysis and quality control rather than consolidation of manually-produced reports and Excel spreadsheets
  • Produced more standardized reports, which provide a solid basis for decision-making and a better overview of the level of sustainability across the business units
  • Ensured compliance with the reporting parameters of the global reporting initiative, the carbon disclosure project and the DJSI
  • Standardized the reporting format for financial and sustainability data by integrating the two reporting processes with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
  • Won the 2011 Oracle Excellence Award: Eco-Enterprise Innovation for this sustainable solution
  • Estimated net, groupwide cost savings of US$310,000 and 311 full-time equivalent days over a five-year period, with the estimated annual efficiency improvement of 6% in the first year, and 20% in the second year and beyond