Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília (Terracap) Improves Sustainable Project Management and Identification of Protected Areas
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Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília (Terracap) Improves Sustainable Project Management and Identification of Protected Areas

Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília (Terracap), also known as Agência de Desenvolvimento do Distrito Federal (DF), or the Development Agency of the Federal District, is a company controlled by Brazil’s federal and federal district governments. By managing public lands and providing sustainable real estate projects, the company promotes socioeconomic development and quality of life for the federal district’s population. Established in 1972, the company manages federal district property through the use, acquisition, incorporation, encumbrance, or transfer of assets, as well as by directly or indirectly carrying out road construction projects in the district.

Terracap, winner of the 2012 Oracle Eco-Enterprise Innovation Excellence Award, is responsible for land sales and urbanization in the Noroeste neighborhood, the first sustainable neighborhood in Brazil. The project’s 220 buildings, on 243 hectares, have solar heating and a rain water and waste recycling and treatment center, reducing garbage truck traffic and pollution. In addition, the company uses light emitting diode lamps for public lighting to conserve energy.

Throughout its construction, the Noroeste neighborhood met strict environmental standards, following the Kyoto Protocol carbon emission rules. In 10 years, the project will save 113 million kilowatts of energy, achieving the equivalent of an 18,000-ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, the company reused or recycled nearly 50% of the waste generated during the project.

Terracap has a department dedicated to analyzing the economic viability of sustainability projects—for example, the reuse of rainwater to clean common areas. In this context, Oracle’s technology helped Terracap to ensure compliance with environmental guidelines and monitor environmental metrics efficiently. In addition, the company used Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g to replace a paper-based viability analysis process—accelerating management decision-making. The organization’s reporting accelerated by 50% with automation, which also increased data consistency.

The company used Oracle Spatial and Graph to develop a georeferencing solution that provides data and images of buildings, hydrographic systems, roads, and protection areas. This system enables Terracap to make a detailed analysis of the ground and its topography, ensuring the provision of safe and sustainable real estate projects by minimizing environmental impacts.

A word from Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília (Terracap)

  • “Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g enabled us to more efficiently manage real estate by planning residential and commercial area use. In addition, it helped us to more quickly analyze the viability of future projects and minimize environmental impacts.” ‒ Geraldo Rodrigues Soares, IT Coordinator, Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília (Terracap)