Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília Produces Performance Reports 50% Faster, Improves Access to Management Information
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Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília Produces Performance Reports 50% Faster, Improves Access to Management Information

Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília (Terracap), also known as Agência de Desenvolvimento do Distrito Federal (DF), or the Development Agency of the Federal District, is a company controlled by Brazil’s federal and federal district governments. By managing public lands and providing sustainable real estate projects, the company promotes socioeconomic development and quality of life for the federal district’s population. Established in 1972, the company manages federal district property through the use, acquisition, incorporation, encumbrance, or transfer of assets, as well as by directly or indirectly carrying out road construction projects in the district.

The company also oversees land sales and urbanization in the Noroeste neighborhood, the first sustainable neighborhood in Brazil. The project’s 220 buildings, on 243 hectares, use solar heating, recycled rainwater, and a suction system to transport household waste to a treatment center. This reduces garbage truck traffic and pollution in local communities. In addition, the company uses light emitting diode lamps for public lighting to conserve energy.




A word from Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília (Terracap)

  • “With Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g, we can now immediately determine the viability of government projects.” ‒ Geraldo Rodrigues Soares, IT Coordinator, Companhia Imobiliária de Brasília (Terracap)

  • Provide managers with quick access to financial and collection-portfolio information, improving performance in billing and budget processes
  • Provide better oversight of loans and mortgages by simulating different scenarios for analysis and informed decision-making
  • Replace the use of spreadsheets in performance reporting by integrating nearly 60 applications—including those for urban property management, sales, billing, and assets—to accelerate financial processes


  • Deployed Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) Suite 11g, enabling detailed, real-time analysis of the billing portfolio (valued at nearly US$1.5 million), and allowing the company to obtain updated values, including customer fines and late payment fees
  • Carried out monthly closing during business hours—a process previously done at night to avoid disruption—achieving this using Oracle Database with Real Application Clusters with two-node servers, significantly accelerating access to customer portfolio information and making more accurate receivables calculations
  • Enabled simulating various economic scenarios for the next three years, which is essential to managing real estate financing extended to customers for up to 40 months—an operation that was only possible using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition’s metrics, reports, and analytics
  • Integrated nearly 60 legacy applications, such as sales management, accounting, property costing, tax payments, and payment slips with Oracle Real Application Clusters, assuring security and high performance for business applications, which helped the company to process data at high volume without affecting routine transactions
  • Provided the federal government with access to data about critical operations, such as urban property and budget management, including scanned documents and low-income housing project deadlines, replacing a paper-based model and creating performance reports 50% faster
  • Enabled faster decision-making about project implementation using Oracle BPM Suite, allowing managers to immediately analyze resources, ensuring the economic viability of projects marketed by Terracap
  • Developed a georeferencing solution that enables land and topography analysis through Oracle Spatial and Graph technology integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, ensuring the provision of safe and sustainable real estate projects through a detailed analysis of data and images of buildings, hydrographic systems, roads, and protection areas, minimizing environmental impact

Why Oracle

“Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition’s ease of use and flexibility in developing multiple views of sales performance and process automation were critical to our decision process. Furthermore, the solution’s easy integration with our 60 applications was another important factor,” said Geraldo Rodrigues Soares, IT coordinator, Terracap.