TIM Brasil Delivers Highly Available Services to More Than 68 Million Customers and Gains Faster Product Launches by Using Support Portal
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TIM Brasil Delivers Highly Available Services to More Than 68 Million Customers and Gains Faster Product Launches by Using Support Portal

  • Oracle Customer:  TIM Brasil
    Location:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Industry:  Communications
    Employees:  21,000
    Annual Revenue:  Over $5 Billion

TIM Brasil—a subsidiary of Grupo Telecom Italia—began operations in 1998, and it was the first telecommunications (telecom) carrier to have a nationwide presence in Brazil. With a focus on innovation and quality, the company facilitates growth through continual investments in technology to support a broad portfolio of landline, mobile phone, and internet services. TIM develops products and provides services to a diverse customer base, having operations in 3,294 cities and more than 68,53 million customers that represent a 26.88% marketshare of the Brazilian telecommunications market.

To support its large customer base and ensure ongoing growth, TIM Brasil needed a stable IT infrastructure for highly available access to telecom products and services. TIM Brasil used My Oracle Support to ensure high availability and stability for the customer database and related middleware components, including a suite of Oracle solutions. With My Oracle Support, the company has been able to solve complex problems that could have compromised telephone and internet services or jeopardized operational timelines for strategic actions.

Additionally, with the My Oracle Support portal’s on-demand knowledge base, TIM Brasil made its in-house IT team more proactive. As a result, the company only needed to open service requests for 5% of its infrastructure issues, a record compared to 7% world standard.




A word from TIM Brasil

  • “With My Oracle Support, we can do a better job of supporting systems and product launchings, and in meeting more aggressive time-to-market schedules. Oracle’s expertise and highly-available knowledge base, help us to quickly address any unexpected problems that could compromise launch schedules, so that we can remain competitive in the extremely dynamic telecommunications market.” – Moises Marconi Ferrari, IT Operations and Technical Support Manager, TIM Brasil

  • Maintain a stable and continuously available IT infrastructure to provide critical availability for landline and wireless customers’ contracted services and product and account information
  • Equip the IT team with ongoing training and on-demand expert resources that enable them to quickly resolve IT issues
  • Obtain quick and efficient support to resolve unexpected or complex IT-related issues, without compromising time-to-market for products and services in the competitive telecommunications market


  • Leveraged My Oracle Support to maintain high availability for the telecom’s IT environment, which is built on Oracle solutions to ensure continuous service for more than 68 million customers in Brazil
  • Enabled continuous, proactive efforts by the internal IT team using the training and knowledge base available through My Oracle Support to avoid problems and interruptions in business-critical systems, such as call processing, SMS delivery, wireless connection, and online account access for customers
  • Achieved a service-request rate of 5%, which means TIM only opens a service request in 5% of the time, when it uses My Oracle Portal—a record compared to a 7% world standard
  • Supported an aggressive time-to-market strategy for new products and services, ensuring the company maintains a competitive position in the telecom market by minimizing launch timelines for systems and products to a matter of days instead of weeks, which was the launch timeframe prior to using My Oracle Support
  • Implemented Oracle Audit Vault 11g and Oracle Database Vault 11g to maintain control over the IT environment and prevent unauthorized access of company systems by in-house users, in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Improved the stability of the IT environment with Oracle Enterprise Manager, which facilitates proactive tasks to find network bottlenecks and improve visibility into the multilayered services of business applications—such as the SMS messaging system, wireless connection, landline phone calls, and online customer account access
  • Installed Oracle Configuration Manager, which led to a 30% decrease in the need to open support requests and reducing the amount of information customers need to fill out on the portal when they request support