TNT Brasil Improves Customer-Request Resolution Rate from 40% to 70%, Raising Customer Satisfaction Levels with Customer Relationship Management Solution

TNT Brasil Improves Customer-Request Resolution Rate from 40% to 70%, Raising Customer Satisfaction Levels with Customer Relationship Management Solution

TNT is a world leader in transportation and express delivery services. Each week, the company transports 4.7 million documents, parcels, and freight items in more than 200 countries, using a network of 2,653 terminals. TNT Brasil, the company’s Brazilian subsidiary, is the largest express transporter in the country (with a fleet of 2,500 of its own vehicles), providing international and domestic air and road transportation to 5,000 Brazilian cities.

With approximately 30,000 active customers in the country, TNT Brasil wanted to enhance the customer service processes and flows for its international and domestic segments. By implementing Oracle CRM on Demand Service, it reduced its response time to customer inquiries significantly, and, today, it resolves 70% of its customer requests within 48 hours.




A word from TNT Brasil

  • “We implemented Oracle CRM On Demand Service and now have a single, service-record database for our 30,000 active customers in Brazil. Previously, we resolved about 40% of customer requests within 48 hours. Today that rate has surpassed 70%.” – Fabiano Ruviaro Fração, Technology Director, TNT Brasil

  • Centralize and create a single source of records and point of control for customer service regarding the delivery of documents, parcels, and freight inside Brazil and abroad
  • Enhance customer-care process management, data monitoring, and workflows, reducing the total work hours required
  • Raise the rate of customer-requests that are resolved within 48 hours and improve customer satisfaction levels to boost loyalty and increase business


Oracle Product and Services

  • Implemented Oracle CRM On Demand Service to unify and standardize customer-service records for more than 30,000 active transport customers in Brazil
  • Improved process control, information flows, and data organization (and other functions) involved in the customer-service cycle
  • Accelerated customer inquiry responses, raising the rate of customer requests resolved within 48 hours from 40% to 70%
  • Enhanced service quality, thereby raising customer satisfaction and providing customers with a faster and more efficient transportation and express delivery services
  • Complied with all service level agreements related to the company’s customer service process
  • Used the solution’s business intelligence functionality to become more proactive in customer management, which increased the service team’s analytical and decision-making capabilities
  • Raised the productivity of the service team, which is now able to use a single, integrated repository of information and requests and achieve a 360-degree customer view

Why Oracle

“Enhancing the customer service process was a strategic move for TNT Brasil,” said Fabiano Ruviaro Fração, technology director, TNT Brasil. “We, therefore, searched for the best CRM solution on the market and chose Oracle, which had already proven itself as a strong technology partner. Thanks to Oracle CRM On Demand Service, we have a robust and reliable customer service infrastructure that gives us a 360-degree view and enables better response times. Our customers are more satisfied, and this satisfaction generates business.”


“We chose the best solution on the market— Oracle CRM On Demand Service—and we wanted the best partner. We were very demanding in choosing a partner with extensive knowledge of the solution and the market, and we, therefore, chose Unione, which did an excellent job. The project went into production within the predicted time frame, and we quickly achieved all of the results we wanted,” Fração said.