Estok Comércio e Representações Responds to Customer Service Inquiries More Efficiently Using Self-Service Channels
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Estok Comércio e Representações Responds to Customer Service Inquiries More Efficiently Using Self-Service Channels

Estok Comércio e Representações S.A. (Tok & Stok) was founded in 1978 by Régis e Ghislaine Dubrule, who had recently arrived in Brazil from France. Present in several Brazilian states and the Federal District, Tok & Stok sells furniture and decor with quality design and practical everyday solutions. Its services include wedding and gift lists and interior decorating projects.

Tok & Stok launches nearly eight new products per day—such as furniture, decorative objects and household utilities—and it has assembled a collection of more than 12,000 items inspired by the latest international trends in decor that can be purchased in its stores, through its self-service system or on its website. Using the concept of quick pickup, the company offers customers secure packaging and has its own infrastructure for transportation and delivery to homes in almost every part of Brazil.




A word from Estok Comércio e Representações S.A.

  • “With Oracle RightNow Cloud Service, we increased all our customer service channels’ efficiency through higher quality responses to all inquiries. Thanks to this, we can now convey consistent messaging, which we consider strategic to operations as store sales are supported by all of our consumer contact channels.” – Nilo Signorini, Business Planning Director, Estok Comércio e Representações S.A.

  • Modernize IT environment—which supports several service channels, such as the company’s call center, e-mail, chat, and website—to respond more efficiently to customer inquiries about products, services, and delivery scheduling
  • Make it simpler and more dynamic for users to find content on the company’s website, promoting self-service and minimizing the need for customers to seek other communication channels
  • Preserve company’s investment in its existing service structure—such as the call-center team—by optimizing and making it more efficient


  • Implemented Oracle RightNow Cloud Service and improved customer service management through the company’s call center, chat, e-mail, and website by enhancing support to service attendants and tracking responses and content to make it easier for users to obtain information through the company’s various communication channels
  • Increased the customer self-service rate by presenting the most useful and accessed information first, thanks to Oracle RightNow Cloud Service’s ability to prioritize queries, making content identification simpler and more dynamic and achieving greater response efficiency
  • Increased call center capacity without needing to expand its 40 telemarketing operator staff members who, through Oracle RightNow Cloud Service, can answer more calls, thanks to quicker access to the database containing information about products, services, and product-delivery scheduling
  • Enabled the company to more closely monitor its communication channel performance through reports that provide supervisors with more control and enable them to take corrective actions, following, for example, achievement of goals by call center operators
  • Complied with Law No. 8.078/90, which requires e-commerce websites to provide purchase and return procedures, thanks to Oracle RightNow Cloud Service features that allowed the company to enhance its question-and-answer repository addressing the purchasing process
  • Standardized the company’s corporate image through several communication channels, as the tool allows the company to use previously published texts, ensuring a concise, objective, and consistent message
  • Reduced IT expenses by adopting a cloud computing model, freeing resources invested in hardware, support, administration, and maintenance

Why Oracle

“We evaluated several tools on the market and chose Oracle RightNow Cloud Service due to its ease of use and features—like an overview of customer queries made on our website and response templates—resources that we saw exclusively in Oracle’s solution. It is also a cloud computing tool, which enables us to avoid system installation inconveniences,” said Nilo Signorini, business planning director, Estok Comércio e Representações S.A.

Implementation Process

“The transition to Oracle RightNow Cloud Service was very simple for us. We went through a testing period, using the tool in parallel with some workstations, and Oracle specialized partner Sibra completed the implementation very transparently, without impacting our operations,” Signorini said.


“The Sibra team proved itself to be very competent in the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service implementation project—from the testing stage to user training—demonstrating a high level of involvement. Their great technological knowledge enabled us to make maximum use of the tool’s features,” Signorini said.