RightNow's Global Contact Center Solution Helps Travelocity Deliver Superior Customer Care and Reduce Operating Costs
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RightNow's Global Contact Center Solution Helps Travelocity Deliver Superior Customer Care and Reduce Operating Costs

Travel is unpredictable. Weather, natural disasters, and mechanical problems have the potential to cause a poor customer experience or even ruin an entire trip. To ensure the seamlessness of the customer experience, Travelocity needs to be able to give customers up-to-the-minute information. Travelocity’s success stems from its ability to consistently deliver a superior customer experience while simultaneously keeping prices low. For a solution robust enough to help them care for customers across their global contact centers, Travelocity looked to RightNow.

Before RightNow, the company was running a legacy system for its agent desktop and a separate email solution. Toggling between systems was inefficient and cumbersome. The RightNow contact center solution enables Travelocity to react at a moment’s notice and get customers the information they need before, during, and after their trip while maximizing agent productivity and driving revenue. Superior customer experience is one key reason why Travelocity continues to be a leader in the industry.

Jet-Powered Contact Center

A word from Travelocity

  • “With RightNow, we can adapt to the continually-changing travel industry. We rely on RightNow to enable us to provide complete, accurate information, and to update that information at a moment’s notice.” —Jeff Hudson, Systems Delivery and Product Manager, Travelocity

Between its own business units, white-label branded sites, and third-party sites powered by Travelocity, the company has more than 40 customer-facing travel sites. The RightNow contact center solution supports Travelocity across its global brands with multi-channel support to provide superior care however customers communicate with the company—via phone, email, or web. RightNow’s agent desktop solution supports more than 250 global concurrent users, working in 9 languages, across the globe.

The RightNow solution dynamically changes based on the actions taken by the agent and on information known about a customer and product. The workspace then delivers instant access to relevant workspace context, at the right time and place. Travelocity agents are confident they are always providing the most accurate information to the customer, which increases agent productivity and helps drive customer satisfaction.

RightNow email management empowers the company’s dedicated email agents to review and respond, if necessary, to the 100,000 emails received each month, ensuring every customer issue is answered completely and quickly. Travelocity’s first-contact resolution is an impressive 90% for emails and with RightNow SmartAssistant, the company is attaining a 10% email deflection rate.

Speed of Information: A Competitive Advantage

The Benefits of Reliability and Scalability

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  • Deliver a competitively superior customer experience with every interaction
  • Control costs to optimize profitability
  • Quickly launch new customer-facing sites without high IT overhead or hardware costs


Oracle Product and Services

  • RightNow Technologies
  • Knowledge base supports 2,000+ agents in 9 languages
  • 10% deflection on webform originating emails
  • RightNow email system triages 100,000+ emails each month globally
  • 90% first-contact resolution rate for emails
  • 4,000+ answers in global knowledge base
  • Travel Alerts help customers adjust travel plans and increase customer satisfaction

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