Trinity Maxwell Improves Customer Service and Eliminates Customer Churn, Increases Sales by 65% with Hosted CRM System
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Trinity Maxwell Improves Customer Service and Eliminates Customer Churn, Increases Sales by 65% with Hosted CRM System

Trinity Maxwell, an independent telecommunications reseller, provides a customized telecommunications services for midsize businesses based in London. The company focuses on personal service and provides its customers with mobile voice and data solutions, device security and management, mobile cost management, fixed-line services, and audio and video conferencing solutions.

Trinity Maxwell had a different IT system for each department—including sales, marketing, customer service, and billing—with no single view of the customer. The organization wanted to implement a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system to provide a high level of service. In particular, it needed a system that could automate contract renewals.

Trinity Maxwell worked with Oracle Partner BPI OnDemand Ltd to implement Oracle CRM On Demand, tailor the solution to meet its specific needs, and deliver it within just two months. With no up-front costs, since implementation Trinity Maxwell has reduced customer churn to zero, increased sales by 65%, and its sales pipeline by 300%.




A word from Trinity Maxwell

  • “Oracle CRM On Demand has transformed the way we operate as a business and enables us to be 100% client centric.” – Nigel Waddell, Managing Director, Trinity Maxwell

  • Implement a comprehensive CRM system that can scale as the customer base expands and the company offers more midsize businesses a broader range of communications solutions
  • Eliminate manual processes and double-keyed data
  • Ensure that the CRM system is user-friendly and straightforward to administrate
  • Improve data entry, reporting, and analytics to streamline communication-solution sales and provide better customer service
  • Improve service for telecommunications customers with enhanced telephone usage information that enables customers to make more informed and cost-effective business decisions


  • Increased telecommunications service sales by 65% and improved lead conversion rate by 120%
  • Grew telecommunications sales pipeline by 300% by integrating the in-house marketing tool with Oracle CRM On Demand to improve segmentation and e-mail marketing
  • Reduced customer churn rate to zero with the help of Oracle’s automated contract renewal processes
  • Worked with Oracle Gold Partner BPI OnDemand Ltd to implement Oracle CRM On Demand, using its Oracle Accelerate solution for the telecommunications industry, to improve customer service and sales processes
  • Improved analytics and reporting, enabling a more personalized service for customers, including the ability to temporarily change mobile tariffs if a customer is using a telephone abroad
  • Eradicated double-keying data by eliminating reliance on disparate, nonintegrated systems and manual processes
  • Eliminated using spreadsheets for reporting and improved account visibility for each customer, with the transactions for all individuals on a account viewed together
  • Provided customers with more detailed information on common malpractices, such as dialing 0800 numbers in the UK, which are often wrongly thought to be free of charge on particular mobile networks, with the more comprehensive analytics and reporting inherent in Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Improved sales processes by sharing calendars and appointments between telemarketing and sales teams
  • Tailored Oracle CRM On Demand to each role, saving employees time by only showing the information they need, such as telephone numbers for telemarketing personnel or the full analytics suite for customer service operatives

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle because Oracle CRM On Demand, managed by BPI OnDemand Ltd, was the perfect choice for us,” said Nigel Waddell, managing director, Trinity Maxwell. “We discounted Microsoft Dynamics and for two reasons. First, the hidden implementation and postimplementation support costs for these two solutions were prohibitive. Second, we did not have the internal resources required to manage these systems, and Oracle could provide the support we needed.”


  “BPI OnDemand Ltd enabled us to get the most from our Oracle implementation and ensured it was built with our core business in mind,” Waddell said. “BPI OnDemand Ltd. was the most knowledgeable of the companies we talked to, and it clearly understood our business vision. The consultants took the time to show us solution benefits we hadn’t considered, and they were open and honest throughout our discussions. Crucially, BPI OnDemand Ltd. was able to deliver Oracle CRM On Demand in just two months, with no upfront costs. We now have a partner who will continue to work with us throughout our contract’s duration.”