TTNET Realizes Revenue Faster, Saving Time, Labor, and Hardware Costs with Uninterrupted Data Transfer and Real-Time Replication

TTNET Realizes Revenue Faster, Saving Time, Labor, and Hardware Costs with Uninterrupted Data Transfer and Real-Time Replication

TTNET A.Ş. is a leading communications and entertainment company in Turkey, meeting the requirements of corporate and residential customers across all industries by offering internet access; internet protocol television (IPTV); mobile and landline telephony; music and online gaming platforms; and educational tools. Founded in 2006 with the goal of connecting Turkey to the world through the internet, TTNET today combines television, fixed-voice, mobile-voice, and internet services into a single bill. It is the first company in the Turkish communications market to launch a quadruple-play offering.




A word from TTNET A.Ş.

  • “With the help of Oracle GoldenGate 11g, we can instantly synchronize subscriber data with billing and charging information, online. Previously, this manually-intensive process took several hours each day. As a result, we’ve dramatically decreased task time, staff costs, and hardware requirements—while enabling faster time-to-revenue.” – Şahin Şen, CIO, TTNET A.Ş.

  • Avoid communications service interruptions, alleviate manual errors, and reduce costs and the workload of communications analysts by minimizing the time to synchronize billing data with subscriber information—a process that, when done manually, took between five and six hours, daily
  • Accelerate time to revenue by generating bills faster, thanks to real-time, postpaid, communications-subscriber billing and real-time, prepaid, communications-customer charging
  • Match up, immediately, ongoing modifications of prepaid and postpaid tariffs, service packages, product bundles, and subscriber information with data on billing and charging databases to ensure correct postpaid billing and prepaid charging


  • Used Oracle GoldenGate 11g to ensure uninterrupted operation, disaster recovery, data protection, and real-time data replication between subscriber systems and billing and charging systems without adding hardware—ensuring TTNET’s revenue stream through accurate postpaid billing and prepaid charging
  • Ensured on-time postpaid communications subscriber billing and prepaid communications subscriber charging by eliminating slowdowns and interruptions of operational databases, thanks to Oracle GoldenGate’s replication capabilities
  • Achieved end-to-end data integrity of mission-critical subscriber billing and charging information—such as prepaid and postpaid tariffs, service, and product bundles, and subscriber data—by automating all replication procedures, ensuring the accuracy of billing and charging for transactions
  • Eliminated manual replication tasks that took five to six hours daily, achieving a substantial reduction in associated labor costs while eliminating manual errors
  • Enabled real-time replication between Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database and Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition—the data foundation for TTNET’s billing and charging operations—to ensure faster time to revenue
  • Provided ad-hoc, real-time replication between the customer relationship management applications and billing and charging databases using Oracle GoldenGate 11g to dramatically save time and staffing costs
  • Consolidated information about tariffs, products, services, and subscribers from hundreds of databases into Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition, enabling systems to query data from a single point and generate faster query results for more business agility
  • Ensured that business intelligence analysts have constant access to up-to-date subscriber, tariff, product bundle, and billing and charging information to provide the analytic intelligence needed for operational and strategic decision-making—resulting in the ability to, for example, immediately reduce connection speeds for those customers who exceed volume limits

Why Oracle

“TTNET’s information technology environment is heterogeneous, relying on applications and tools from multiple vendors. Oracle GoldenGate differentiated itself as the most suitable platform-independent application due to its numerous capabilities that range from real-time data replication to transactional change capture and verification,” said Şahin Şen, CIO, TTNET A.Ş.


“We engaged Oracle partner Endersys due to its expertise and experience in Oracle TimesTen implementations. Endersys took care of the implementation, the fine-tuning, and the initial solution troubleshooting. Our cooperation with Endersys consultants was flawless,” Şen said.