Tunisiana Captures 44% of 3G-Service Market Share within 24 Months of Launch, Ensures Leadership Position in Tunisian Mobile Communications
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Tunisiana Captures 44% of 3G-Service Market Share within 24 Months of Launch, Ensures Leadership Position in Tunisian Mobile Communications

In 2002, Tunisiana, jointly owned by Qatar's flagship telecommunications company Ooredoo and the state of Tunisia, became the first private company to offer telecommunications services in that country. Since then, Tunisiana has achieved a position as one of Tunisia’s leading mobile communications services providers. With more than 6.8 million subscribers as of December 2012, it has a 53.4% market share. The company provides a full spectrum of communications services, including landlines and leased lines, mobile communications, and data communications. Tunisiana’s third-generation (3G) communications technology now covers more than 70% of the country’s population.




A word from Tunisiana

  • “We’ve achieved great productivity gains with Oracle E-Business Suite. And, we ensured the reliability and consistency of our data with Oracle Database 11g. Resulting data exchanges with our shareholder Ooredoo are fluid.” – Anouar Jendoubi, IT Director, Tunisiana

  • Establish a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment to help the rapidly growing mobile communications company stay ahead of the competition in the emerging Tunisian communications market, where several experienced companies compete across all domains, including mobile, fixed, and data communications
  • Provide real-time access to accurate key performance indicators (KPI’s), such as customer churn rates, to ensure the company’s lead in third- (3G) and fourth-generation (4G) mobile communications technology
  • Gain better and faster insight into financial performance with expanded reporting capabilities—such as timely month-end, multiperiod, multisite, and multicurrency reporting
  • Reduce human resources (HR) administration effort and costs associated with routine processes, such as running monthly payroll for 1,750 employees


  • Deployed Oracle E-Business Suite to solidify leadership in the Tunisian mobile communications market through integrated back-office and front-office management applications built on Oracle’s technology stack, achieving 44% market share in 3G services within 24 months of company launch
  • Upgraded to Oracle Database 11g to ensure the performance, availability, and reliability of mission-critical enterprise applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PeopleSoft
  • Enabled efficient operation and compliance with service-level agreements across business-to-business and business-to-consumer channels to deliver a flawless customer experience
  • Used Oracle Payroll to convert error-prone, semimanual processes into an automated payroll run, spending now only a few minutes for monthly payroll runs, thanks to Oracle partner Appslink’s extensive query optimization
  • Used Oracle Order Management to define commercial package contents through bills of materials, leveraging back-office integration to obtain real-time access to semifinished and finished product packages in warehouses, in 60 shops across major Tunisian cities, and for replenishment procedures
  • Eased financial and KPI reporting within a multinational company while ensuring compliance with international financial reporting standards
  • Increased planning and budgeting capabilities with Oracle Hyperion Planning, enabling efficient operation as a triple-play provider that delivers high-speed internet access, telephone, and IP television over a single, broadband connection to Tunisian households and companies
  • Leveraged the know-how of local Oracle partners Appslink and Oradist to customize Oracle E-Business Suite for full compliance with Tunisian employment regulations

Why Oracle

“We wanted to achieve operational excellence by leveraging the industry’s leading ERP system, built upon an advanced and proven technology stack that scales and evolves according to our requirements. That’s why we selected Oracle E-Business Suite,” said Anouar Jendoubi, IT director, Tunisiana.


Oradist, Oracle’s long-standing implementation partner in Tunisia, initiated Tunisiana’s experience with the Oracle technology stack when it sold Oracle E-Business Suite licenses to the company in 2003. A number of different implementation partners have been involved in deploying Oracle’s products. Oracle partners Oradist and Appslink helped Tunisiana to optimize payroll runs and achieve compliance with Tunisian employment regulations.