Türk Telekom Group Uses Identity and Access Management Solution to Ensure Security and Help 25,000 System Users Be More Productive

Türk Telekom Group Uses Identity and Access Management Solution to Ensure Security and Help 25,000 System Users Be More Productive

Türk Telekom Group, the leading communication and convergence technology group in Turkey, provides integrated telecommunication services from Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) to broadband internet. Türk Telekom—the country’s most valuable brand (by net present value of the estimated future cash flows attributable to the brand) for the last three years according to Brand Finance—is Europe’s fifth largest and the world’s 11th largest fixed-line communications operator with nine group companies and more than 10 million customers. The group has a modern network infrastructure covering all of Turkey and offers a wide variety of services to residential and commercial customers, including mobile communications (Avea), broadband services (TTNET), wholesale data services (Pantel International), convergence services (Argela), IT solutions (Innova), online education (Sebit), online gaming (Sobee), and call center services (AssisTT).

Türk Telekom Group wanted to improve its ability to efficiently manage identities and access privileges for more than 25,000 IT system users belonging to eight different user groups, such as call centers, points of sale, and internal departments. The group deployed Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager, and Oracle Directory Services 11g to establish real-time, automated identity lifecycle management and ensure single-sign on for all business applications, including legacy systems.




A word from Türk Telekom Group

  • “Oracle Identity Management enables us to administer user access privileges throughout the entire identity management lifecycle with the highest efficiency—from initial on-boarding to final de-provisioning of an identity, both within and beyond the firewall. The solution is complete, integrated, hot-pluggable, and eliminates all latent security risks of more than 25,000 users. We could not have made a better choice.” – Sertaç Celik, User Management Manager, Türk Telekom Group

  • Streamline the process of creating user identities inside Türk Telekom Group—a company with wide-ranging organizational structures in 81 Turkish provinces
  • Manage the access of 25,000 users belonging to eight different user groups—such as the company’s call centers and telecommunication points of sale, which are independent companies, as well as Türk Telekom’s internal departments—to complex and large-scale applications, for example Telekom Order Management and Customer Retention Management
  • Shorten the time required to manage user lifecycles on legacy systems that do not support changes in business rules, such as the deactivation of a user identity in the company’s HR systems
  • Establish a simple, standardized process to create users for different types of applications—such as Java, .net, or customer relationship management (CRM) applications—that have each their own user repository, which would otherwise require a new user ID mapping for each application and a single identification for each user of that application
  • Create new user identities and access rights in the shortest time frame possible, because access is blocked during the modification and users have to be able to sign in to mission-critical systems—such as the company’s telecommunication network operations center—without delay


  • Established real-time, automated identity lifecycle management for more than 25,000 IT system users with Oracle Identity Manager, ensuring compliance with the company’s business rules and security standards at all times and providing users with the correct access privileges to applications and systems
  • Deployed Oracle Access Manager to ensure that 15,000 internal users and 10,000 external users have an easy and secure way to access their applications—such as Local Network Sharing System, PSTN Accrual System, or Digital Subscriber Liner Customer Services System—with just one user name, one password, and single-sign on for all applications, including legacy systems
  • Facilitated self-service registration for users who have legal Türk Telekom accounts, so they are automatically registered and authenticated with their valid user ID, including legacy systems, to speed up the registration process and obtain accurate user data
  • Enabled 15,000 internal users to self-register within 48 hours of launching Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Internet Directory, without any performance problems
  • Reduced the average daily time spent by helpdesk agents on user account and password related issues from five hours (45% of all calls) to 20 minutes (3% of all calls)
  • Integrated Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager, and Oracle Internet Directory 11g with 13 mission-critical applications—such as Siebel CRM, ERP, local network sharing system, and payment collecting system—to establish a more cost-efficient, centralized user management lifecycle
  • Ensured that access privileges are automatically granted and revoked with on-boarding and departure of employees, giving new employees much faster access to systems than before, and substantially enhancing the company’s security by immediately revoking the access rights of employees that leave the firm
  • Facilitated the generation of access and activity reports—stratified by user, applications, time, durations, IP addresses, and more—providing detailed figures as well as quick overviews, a critical feature for monitoring corporate data security and application workloads over the course of a business day
  • Delegated administration for specific organizations within Türk Telekom Group—such as the group’s call centers where staff changes are frequent—to the managers of those organizations, who are faster and more accurate than Türk Telekom’s internal departments when it comes to providing and revoking identification and access rights of their users
  • Enabled resource managers to be much more aware of user lifecycles in their business unit and process internal and external audits under their own responsibility

Why Oracle

“We needed advanced identity and access management capabilities to support a complex application grid with more than 25,000 users belonging to different internal and external user groups. Oracle Identity Management occupies a dominant position in the Turkish telecommunication industry, some of our group companies have extensive positive experiences with Oracle, and we enjoy an excellent relationship with Oracle. Our assumption that Oracle offers the best user solution for provisioning and reconciling identities and workflows proved correct, because we achieved the results that we were looking for,” said Sertaç Celik, User Management Manager, Türk Telekom Group.

Implementation Process

In February 2011, the system went live with integration to six different IT systems of Türk Telekom Group, after a seven-month implementation period. The implementation was on time and within budget.

Currently, Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Access Manager administer identities and access rights for 13 major applications, such as Data Services System, Vendor Logistic System, Telekom Vendor Portal, Telekom Order Management, and Digital Subscriber Liner Customer Services System.


“Oracle partner Biznet, who has a very experienced team with a track record of six years of successful identity management implementations, provided us with concepts, not just products. Biznet cooperated during the analysis, design, and testing phases with us and provided the customizations required for our Demand Management System and Java applications. Now that we are in the operational phase, Biznet provides us with the necessary expertise and support to guarantee the availability of Oracle Identity Manager at all times,” Celik said.