ULJANIK Shipyard Cuts Shipbuilding Planning Process Time by 50%
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ULJANIK Shipyard Cuts Shipbuilding Planning Process Time by 50%

ULJANIK Shipyard is Croatia’s largest and most profitable shipyard. It builds state-of-the-art, internationally acclaimed vessels, including passenger ships and tankers, Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro/Ro) ships, trains, car and truck ferries, livestock carriers, dredgers, and fishing boats.

ULJANIK Shipyard wanted to improve its shipbuilding planning and project management capabilities to protect its leadership position in an increasingly competitive global market. Using Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional Project Management, the company eliminated bottlenecks in planning and manufacturing, improved ability to monitor progress and quality, and cut costs throughout the production cycle. ULJANIK Shipyard also improved resource allocation, forecasting, reporting, and scheduling and budgeting accuracy.




A word from ULJANIK Shipyard JSC (ULJANIK Brodogradilište d.d.)

  • “By implementing Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional Project Management, we cut the time needed for shipbuilding planning by 50% and reduced costs throughout the production cycle. This allowed us to specialize in highly complex small-batch manufacturing and become the only profitable Croatian shipyard.” – Emil Kožljan, Head of IT System Development, ULJANIK Shipyard JSC

  • Improve ability to schedule and manage production of 10 to 15 simultaneous shipbuilding projects, ensuring on-time and on-budget completion
  • Optimize use of the yard’s building dock, where ship hulls are constructed, to boost profitability and avoid delivery delays
  • Gain the ability to quickly identify and address engineering, manufacturing, and scheduling conflicts, errors, and bottlenecks
  • Improve agility to accommodate unexpected customer requirements and requests at any stage of the shipbuilding process


Oracle Product and Services

  • Implemented Primavera P6 Professional Project Management, creating a robust project management environment that enables the shipyard to complete complex shipbuilding projects on time and on budget
  • Gained the ability to simulate various scenarios in the manufacturing planning program, which enabled the company to accelerate the shipbuilding planning phase by 50%
  • Improved ability to precisely schedule and manage of ship hull assemble on building docks, which involves more than 1,000 activities, to ensure profitability and avoid delivery delays
  • Improved management and supervision of outside contractors responsible for producing various ship components
  • Gained the ability to respond quickly to unforeseen project changes and ad-hoc customer requests, minimizing delays and cost overruns
  • Improved ability to develop informed and agile plans to resolve, mitigate, or eliminate bottlenecks in the manufacturing process
  • Enabled real-time reporting and analysis of the nearly 5,000 activities involved in pre- assembly activities, such as component manufacturing, helping to keep projects on track
  • Developed the shipyard’s custom made Web application PRAMAR based on Primavera Integration application programming interface (API), which enabled workshop managers to enter dates such as actual start and finish dates, work orders and transport request at manufacturing plant locations, thereby accelerating the manufacturing planning process
  • Improved cooperation between teams involved in shipbuilding planning processes through extended visibility into scheduling and project status

Why Oracle

“We have also considered solutions from other providers, but only Oracle Primavera P6, offered a quality replacement for the legacy shipbuilding planning application. It provides a multi-user, multi-project environment and a centralized database, while integrating easily with our other IT systems,” said Emil Kožljan, Head of IT System Development, ULJANIK Shipyard.


Primakon d.o.o. and ULJANIK Shipyard have worked together for almost seven years. ULJANIK Shipyard selected Primakon based on the company’s track record in Croatia and its extensive system and project management knowledge.

The two companies first started working together in 2005 on a pilot project for Oracle Primavera. Primakon implemented Primavera P6 to accelerate the shipbuilding planning process. In three months, Primakon trained seven users, tested the solution by transferring and verifying data for one ship, created standard reports, and migrated plans for active projects to the Primavera platform. Over time, Primavera P6 adoption expanded across the shipyard, which created the need for additional development and modifications.

The second implementation phase began in 2006 and extended the use of Primavera to the hull manufacturing process. The shipyard created its own Web application PRAMAR based on Primavera Integration API, which improved manufacturing productivity and efficiency.

“Over the years, Primakon has provided implementation services, helped us to successfully train some 20 project managers, and provided consulting and support services. Most important, Primakon consultants showed good understanding of shipbuilding processes, which was, along with their expertise, the main reason for our ongoing cooperation,” Kožljan said.