Unicoop Firenze Incorporates Geo-Marketing Analysis with Business Intelligence and Departmental Systems to Support Decision-Making
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Unicoop Firenze Incorporates Geo-Marketing Analysis with Business Intelligence and Departmental Systems to Support Decision-Making

  • Oracle Customer:  Unicoop Firenze
    Location:  Florence, Italy
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  8,500
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

Unicoop Firenze, a consumer cooperative with more than a million members, operates in Rome and seven provinces in Tuscany. It distributes consumable goods in accordance with the values underlying the cooperative movement: mutual aid, solidarity, and economic and social progress. Its sales network includes 116 stores, totaling more than 180,000 square meters of retail space under two different names―Coop in Florence and Doc in Rome.

Unicoop Firenze wanted to migrate to a centralized infrastructure to provide marketing and sales functions with complete, shared access to internal, statistical, and socio-economic data from institutional sources, and it wanted to combine an evolutionary location intelligence solution with geo-marketing functions.

The company implemented Oracle Spatial to obtain an advanced location intelligence solution with geo-marketing functions that enable the sales team to analyze local territories, store information, sales, and consumer-member purchasing behavior to optimize sales.




A word from Unicoop Firenze

  • “Integration of Oracle Spatial and Graph allows us to explain business events, based on local features and direct marketing, sales, and product assortment policies in different stores” – Riccardo Rapi, CIO Unicoop Firenze

  • Adopt a unique and centralized infrastructure for business intelligence and departmental systems to provide easy and shared data access to all the strategic company functions
  • Support marketing, sales, and development divisions in planning, analyses, and reporting, using statistical and socio-economical data from institutional sources
  • Permit analyses and geo-marketing control of local territories, stores, sales, and consumer-members’ purchasing behaviors to increase market knowledge and gain a competitive advantage
  • Lower company management costs by reducing time for data processing and operational costs and by simplifying decision-making processes


  • Integrated the Oracle Spatial and Graph location intelligence system with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle Exadata Database Machine, providing readily accessible data for all strategic business functions
  • Developed a complete, easy-to-use, shared, standardized intelligence location system explaining business events, based on local features (including views store-by-store sales on interactive maps, purchase analyses, and demographic analyses) and directing stores’ marketing and product assortment policies, improving the effectiveness of decision-making
  • Consolidated data on a geo-data warehouse (through a geo-coding process) and correlated stores with customers addresses using more than 1.2 million geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) in a geo-data warehouse, making results effectively and immediately available
  • Enabled convenient access to the business intelligence system via a Web browser
  • Amortized the investment of the solution in three years, and anticipates saving 75% in the fourth year, when compared to the previous proprietary application for geo-marketing and territorial analysis
  • Optimized operations time and reduced operating costs by 35%, thanks to the unified architecture that provides reliable analyses and consistent and controlled data to managment, avoiding unprofitable investments

Implementation Process

Unicoop Firenze worked with Oracle Specialized Partner BRIDGE CONSULTING SRL to deploy the solution in approximately eight months.