UniCredit Bulbank Raises Performance by 40% for Mission-Critical Data Warehouse Applications, Generates Reports up to 20x Faster
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UniCredit Bulbank Raises Performance by 40% for Mission-Critical Data Warehouse Applications, Generates Reports up to 20x Faster

UniCredit Bulbank, part of the leading European financial services group UniCredit, is the biggest Bulgarian bank in terms of its assets, which exceeded US$7.9 billion as of September 2011. The bank serves more than 2.1 million customers through 300 branches across Bulgaria, including residential customers, midsize businesses, domestic and multinational corporations, municipalities, and other government agencies. UniCredit Bulbank received the 2012 Bank of the Year in Bulgaria award from The Banker, an international magazine that is part of the Financial Times Group.




A word from UniCredit Bulbank

  • “The deployment of Oracle Exadata Database Machine provided much higher performance for data warehouse applications, resolved our storage space shortage, and ensured that we can meet managerial reporting deadlines. Thanks to Oracle, we ensured a seamless database platform implementation and immediate entry into production, which was imperative for our bank.” – Albena Koteva, Manager, Database Administration Section, UniCredit Bulbank

  • Upgrade the existing Oracle Database to meet storage growth requirements without impacting production, since approximately 14 gigabytes of online banking and branch operations data are added each day
  • Reduce customer wait times at bank branches, due to unpredictable and slow report generation, such as reports of customer details, account details, transactions, credit contracts, and credit repayment plans
  • Improve times for loading and processing financial information daily from five different data sources, such as card transactions, money transfers, and loan redemptions.
  • Enable capacity for daily reporting to UniCredit group headquarters to provide information in time for credit and market exposure at 7 a.m. Central European Time—including customer, account, contract, and financial risk data
  • Achieve fast and safe database platform deployment, including migrations and performance reviews


  • Worked with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services to migrate the bank’s 13 terabyte legacy data warehouse to Oracle Exadata Database Machine, which required only 12 hours of migration and 24 hours of downtime outside office hours, without using additional products, thanks to Oracle methodology
  • Ensured end-to-end planning, hassle-free implementation, and immediate entry into production with consultancy and quarterly patching service provided by Oracle Exadata Start-Up Pack Service—coordinated and overseen by a dedicated Oracle Technical Account Manager
  • Experienced 40% higher mission-critical data warehouse application performance, which substantially improved user satisfaction with the core banking front-end for nearly 4,000 bank employees—including accounting, controlling, call center, loan administration, product development, sales, and other staff
  • Reduced the time required to complete more than 60,000 report requests executed each working day by up to a factor of 20
  • Improved customer service at branches by enabling generating more than 2,000 types of reports at a much faster rate—including reports on customer's contract deals and transaction details
  • Reduced by up to 3x the time required for daily and monthly financial reporting and achieved much higher performance in data load operations, as well as OLTP and OLAP applications, with Oracle Exadata tuned for mixed workloads
  • Enabled the bank to easily meet strict deadlines for daily, weekly, and monthly financial reports in time for daily credit and market exposure reporting at 7 a.m., Central European Time—and aggregated monthly information about customers, contracts, and profitability
  • Guaranteed safe return on investment with unmatched data warehouse performance, stability, and availability, which ensures high transactional performance across all banking applications

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle Exadata Database Machine because the system is uniquely designed and optimized for database workloads. Oracle Exadata also had very attractive pricing when we compared the expected performance improvement to alternative solutions,” said Albena Koteva, database administration section, UniCredit Bulbank.