Universiteit Twente Triples Transaction Speed and Eliminates Database Downtime to Improve the User Experience for Students and Staff

Universiteit Twente Triples Transaction Speed and Eliminates Database Downtime to Improve the User Experience for Students and Staff

Universiteit Twente is a research university that focuses on the development of technology and its impact on people and society. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and post-academic programs in the fields of technology and behavioral and social sciences. Students are challenged to look beyond the boundaries of their own fields and establish links with other disciplines. This approach encourages scientific and social innovation and reflects the university’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Universiteit Twente is ranked among the world’s top-200, research-intensive universities for the sixth year in a row by The Higher Education Ranking (THES)—which ranks world-class universities, based on their core missions for teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook. The university offers an inspiring academic setting for students and scientists and is committed to fusing social and engineering sciences and providing high-quality teaching and research.




A word from Universiteit Twente

  • “Oracle Database Appliance includes database and systems software, server, storage, and networking—all in a single box. It took less than an hour to install, and it saves us significant time and effort throughout the database administration lifecycle.” – Guido van de Zweerde, Team Leader, Database, Information, and Communications Technology Service Centre, Universiteit Twente

  • Replace aging infrastructure to ensure efficient campus processes and convenient access to student services—from student recruitment and scholarship applications, to course enrollment and academic-progress monitoring
  • Eliminate unplanned database downtime caused by aging systems that interrupts class scheduling, tuition payment, academic planning; communications; and other regular activities for students, faculty, and staff
  • Improve the performance and stability of existing Oracle databases that hold, for examples, student addresses, courses schedules, and financial-aid information to ensure timely, transparent access to the university’s financial, curriculum, and administrative information
  • Consolidate the university’s IT environment to minimize effort in administering, patching, and maintaining servers, as well as in managing web applications, databases, and websites


  • Replaced 15 database servers and central storage with five Oracle Database Appliance units to eliminate interruptions to critical administrative functions, such as marketing and communications, facilities and real-estate management, human-resources management, and financial processes
  • Tripled database transaction processing to 85,000 transactions per minute, up from 28,000 transactions per minute—enhancing the experience for students and staff who use the university’s applications and enabling employees to perform tasks effectively and efficiently
  • Enabled the university to run without downtime on Oracle Database Appliance for more than a year now, compared to unscheduled downtime of up to two hours every few weeks when the legacy infrastructure was in use
  • Improved stability of more than 50 databases that feed Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3—used for managing human resources, financials, and projects—as well as applications for tracking academic contributions, such as scientific theses and publications
  • Deployed Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c as a comprehensive, integrated solution to manage and monitor the entire IT infrastructure, saving time and effort during database deployment, monitoring, and backup, as well as platform patching and upgrading
  • Collaborated with Oracle Support to optimize the performance of Oracle Database Appliance through continuous advice on file-system caching and disk administration

Why Oracle

“Changing IT vendors can be a hassle, so we chose Oracle Database Appliance because it is reliable, simple to implement, and easy to administer. The campus is a hive of activity—a truly inspirational place where new technology seeks to stimulate change, renewal, and progress in society. We focus on spending our time on supporting innovative projects rather than resolving unplanned downtime caused by aging hardware,” said Guido van de Zweerde, team leader, database, information, and communications technology service centre, Universiteit Twente.

Implementation Process

“During our proof of concept, we had some help from Oracle to install and configure the test Oracle Database Appliance, so we could ensure a rapid and smooth start. We installed our production database appliances ourselves, and we had the appliances up and running within an hour. Migration of each database from the previous platform took us between 5 and 30 minutes. In the year since deployment, we have had no unplanned downtime for our production environment,” van de Zweerde said.