UPMC to Secure Access for 75,000 IT System Users at Midsize Hospitals with Robust Identity Management Suite
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UPMC to Secure Access for 75,000 IT System Users at Midsize Hospitals with Robust Identity Management Suite

  • Oracle Customer:  UPMC
    Location:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Industry:  Healthcare
    Employees:  55,000
    Annual Revenue:  Over $5 Billion

Committed to developing and delivering life-changing medicine, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is a US$10 billion, integrated, global health enterprise and one of the leading health systems in the United States. UPMC operates more than 20 academic, community, and specialty hospitals and 400 outpatient sites; employs more than 3,200 physicians; and offers an array of rehabilitation, retirement, and long-term care facilities. It is also Pennsylvania’s largest employer and the first nonprofit health system to fully adopt Sarbanes-Oxley standards.

A recognized innovator in information technology, UPMC has deployed an electronic health record across its hospitals and has implemented a semantic interoperability solution to unify information from multiple systems.

UPMC had an in-house-developed identity and access management system in place for eight years. As the healthcare organization’s identity management requirements continue to evolve and become more complex, it decided to move to a commercial, off-the-shelf offering and chose Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite. The solution will provide UPMC with the scalability it requires―managing identities and access for more than 75,000 system users, which include employees, as well as contract staff and medical students on rotation in the organization. It will also deliver the flexibility UPMC requires to continue to adapt its environment to accommodate new systems and requirements.

In addition, UPMC is partnering with Oracle to offer its identity management solution to midsize healthcare providers. The offering, CloudIdentity, is based on Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 and will include adaptations to meet the unique needs of clinicians and other healthcare employees. Offered via CloudConnect Health IT, a newly formed UPMC entity, the solution will provide smaller healthcare organizations with world-class identity management capabilities at an affordable cost, eliminating the need to build and maintain their own identity management environments. 

The solution will enable healthcare users to easily manage computer accounts, including adding, modifying, and terminating a user’s computer access; managing access, based on the user’s job responsibility; and providing self-service tools for such things as forgotten passwords and unlocking accounts; as well as comprehensive management reporting.

A word from UPMC

  • “Identity management is critical to improving staff efficiency, reducing administrative burdens, enforcing security, and addressing regulatory compliance. Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite enables us to bring world-class IT security capabilities to our organization, as well as to smaller healthcare facilities, as it is the foundation for our new offering.” – John Houston, Vice President, Privacy and Information Security, and Associate Counsel, UPMC



Why Oracle

UPMC chose Oracle’s security products suite to replace its own, successful, homegrown identity management system because of the advanced functionality and flexibility that Oracle Identity Management solutions offer. “We looked at the market generally, and focused on Oracle for several reasons. First, it offers a robust, highly scalable, and flexible solution that fits well with the needs of both large and smaller healthcare enterprises. In addition, we have a very strong and long-term relationship with Oracle and experience with its technologies,” said John Houston, vice president, privacy and information security, and associate counsel, UPMC.


Pittsburgh-based Tier1, Inc., an Oracle partner, is assisting with development and delivery of UPMC’s hosted identity and access management solution to customers. “With Tier1’s substantial Oracle consulting expertise, Oracle’s first-class products and sales, and UPMC’s domain knowledge, we will deliver a unique and much-needed identity management solution for smaller hospitals,” Houston said.