Uralelektrostroy Improves Turnaround Times for Engineering and Construction Projects by Approximately 50% with Better Project Data Management
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Uralelektrostroy Improves Turnaround Times for Engineering and Construction Projects by Approximately 50% with Better Project Data Management

LLC Uralelektrostroy was established in 1998, to meet the growing demand for reliable energy supply, which included the deployment and operation of a modern power grid system for Russia’s booming economy and industrial sector. To rise to the challenge, the country required a company with a strong reputation and the ability to strategically operate energy production and distribution facilities. As a renowned energy expert, Uralelektrostroy successfully embarked on the mission—focusing on the design, construction, and operation of power grids, transmission lines, and generation facilities. Today, Uralelektrostroy leads the Russian utilities industry with operations across the country, particularly in the Ural, Western Siberia, and Moscow regions.




A word from LLC Uralelektrostroy

  • “Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8.1 drastically changed the way we run our business. We’ve reduced the number of redundant assets, streamlined project implementation and execution, and improved collaboration with our customers and contractors. Overall, the Oracle deployment helped to increase our profitability.” – Roman Aleksandrovich Naumenko, Head of Information Technology, LLC Uralelektrostroy

  • Track work progress through all engineering project development stages with ease—from planning and start-up operations, to onsite construction and quality assurance—to enhance visibility into complex projects, such as power grid and power-transmission-line construction
  • Implement and execute engineering projects faster—for example, designing and building power generation and distribution facilities—by better monitoring numerous local subcontractors
  • Improve alignment of project schedules with project owners’ requirements—awarding federal and regional authorities—to avoid incurring fines for missing deadlines
  • Streamline operations at construction sites with faster data collection and optimized allocation of specialized workforce, construction materials (from those used for building foundations, to power conduction accessories), and high-voltage and low-voltage equipment


  • Used Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8.1 to streamline communication with customers and subcontractors through better data management and harmonized reporting, reducing construction project implementation and turnaround times by approximately 50%, on average
  • Enabled fast generation of work-in-progress reports that track project schedules, budgets, materials, and staffing—from approval and material procurement, to construction and delivery
  • Reduced the number of construction sites by nearly 30% (from 35 to 25) by identifying unprofitable sites—streamlining operations at the company’s construction site network and increasing profitability
  • Improved project visibility by enabling managers to efficiently track project status, ensuring on-time reporting and punctual project deliveries to federal customers to reduce delay penalties to zero
  • Enhanced forecasting and project management accuracy after mapping workflows with Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, which made it easier to collect, store, and process data; accelerated project schedule and report preparation; and provided each project participant with an identical set of trustworthy project information
  • Accelerated data gathering from construction sites, enabling faster resource delivery to the sites and reducing idle time by up to 70%  for construction teams awaiting equipment, machinery, material, instructions, and approvals
  • Improved material and human resources allocation and reduced the company’s energy footprint by cutting down on machinery and workforce not engaged in construction activities by 15% and 17%, respectively
  • Improved monitoring across all divisions and working sites, providing project teams with frequent, real-time updates on project task completion to enable fast, corrective actions


PMSOFT configured and customized Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8.1 according to Uralelektrostroy’s requirements, especially for enabling integration between Primavera and the company’s workflows. PMSOFT audited Uralelektrostroy’s project schedules and forecasting processes and provided consulting services related to system utilization. PMSOFT also helped Uralelektrostroy to adapt technical and accounting documentation to the project owners’ requirements to ease the cooperation with the awarding authorities.

“We selected Oracle partner PMSOFT because of its outstanding experience in Primavera deployments and its capacity to deploy the solution across our office network all over Russia,” said Roman Aleksandrovich Naumenko, head of information technology, LLC Uralelektrostroy.