United States Air Force Total Force Service Center Delivers Critical Personnel Information Securely While Improving Customer Satisfaction
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United States Air Force Total Force Service Center Delivers Critical Personnel Information Securely While Improving Customer Satisfaction

The United States Air Force Total Force Service Center (TFSC) implements programs covering all aspects of the personnel lifecycle, including accessions, education and training, assignments and deployments, promotions, evaluations, retirements, and separations for United States Air Force military and civilian personnel. TFSC employs a diverse workforce of Air Force active military, civilian, guard, and contractor staff responsible for personnel programs, policies, and operations for military, civilian, and retirees worldwide.

TFSC needed to update its legacy, case- and knowledge-management systems, which were old, outmoded, and poorly integrated. In addition, due to mandated resource reductions, the organization needed to become more efficient. It sought a solution to improve customer satisfaction among Air Force personnel and provide better access to critical personnel information without requiring increased manpower. With Oracle RightNow Knowledge Foundation Cloud Service, TFSC was able to create a seamless and secure web environment that enabled the organization to meet these goals, raising customer satisfaction rates from “poor” to “very good.”




  • Maintain high-quality Air Force personnel services despite mandated resource reductions
  • Replace legacy case- and knowledge-management systems with a more streamlined and efficient solution
  • Provide the TFSC website with a self-learning knowledge foundation to help reduce customer-inquiry response times and improve customer service for civilian and military personnel
  • Manage customer feedback and continuously update web content to ensure relevancy and currency


  • Created a more stable, fast, and modern customer experience with a system that can be upgraded cost effectively and rapidly in the cloud
  • Moved many personnel programs to the new web-based, knowledge-management service, based on Oracle RightNow technology, helping to streamline operations
  • Implemented real-time integration with the military personnel data system and interactive voice response system
  • Enabled TFSC administrators and call-center agents to access record systems through the agent console, providing access to past cases and enabling agents to attain a holistic view of each customer’s complete personnel record, including pertinent dates for evaluations, promotions, and moves
  • Improved access to a web-based, self-learning knowledge center, increasing monthly use of the tool to approximately 1 million hits
  • Enabled improvements to personnel services, even with necessary resource reductions, thanks to the seamless agent and user experience created with the new system
  • Implemented an efficient knowledge-management system, based on Oracle RightNow Knowledge Foundation Cloud Service that improved how the organization organized and accessed personnel information
  • Worked with Oracle to define requirements and build interfaces between the Oracle RightNow application and other TFSC systems
  • Replaced an on-premise deployment with Oracle’s defense-ready, hosting capabilities at the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Defense Enterprise Computing Center, where the US Air Force benefits from systems management, communications, and data storage in a reliable and secure cloud-computing environment
  • Used the military-only cloud environment to deliver consistent service levels across agency websites, call centers, and social media platforms while realizing cost savings, improved system availability, enhanced performance, and exceptional scalability
  • Enabled continuity of operations plan capabilities with a failover system between San Antonio and Denver to support Air Force requirements for contingency
  • Implemented combined personnel services improvements with necessary cost reductions