Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent Ensures Optimal Access to Hospital Applications and Patient Care Data

Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent Ensures Optimal Access to Hospital Applications and Patient Care Data

Serving more than 3,000 patients daily, Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent is one of the largest and most specialized healthcare providers in Belgium’s Dutch-speaking region. The hospital has more than 1,000 beds for acute care and extensive services for ambulatory diagnosis, treatment, and care. Patients visit the hospital for all types of treatments—from routine to highly specialized care.

Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent is also a center for scientific research and medical professional training. Through a partnership with the faculty of Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen of Universiteit Gent, researchers work to develop techniques that improve diagnosis, treatment, and care.




A word from Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent

  • “The Oracle Real Application clusters are the best available solution for us. It is a true technological masterpiece, guaranteeing our business and medical continuity, while ensuring availability of vital medical applications.” Tony Voet, Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure and Operations Manager, Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent

  • Allow constant availability of a huge amount of patient data, which is essential to delivering quality patient care
  • Ensure that hospital systems, such as the databases containing patients’ data, are up and running day and night, even should there be an IT failure and during system maintenance
  • Grant optimal access to medical applications and data to deliver the highest levels of healthcare services


  • Deployed Oracle Real Application Clusters with four nodes to provide 24/7 availability for patient and administrative data
  • Enabled fast and reliable access to critical information, such as lab results, medical history, images, and scans to ensure a high standard of patient care
  • Improved business and medical care continuity by ensuring availability of vital medical applications, such as constant access to medical history and patient details
  • Gained the ability to balance workloads between nodes, allowing the maintenance of one node while the three others keep the systems and databases running
  • Reduced IT costs, as Oracle Database with Real Application Clusters runs on Oracle Linux and basic Dell blade servers, making additional server investment unnecessary

Why Oracle

Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent has been working with Oracle for many years and has always been happy with Oracle’s solutions and services. "As we provide critical healthcare services, we cannot afford any downtime. Therefore, performing the necessary database maintenance interventions became a real problem. With the Oracle Real Application Clusters, we can take out one of the nodes and make the necessary adjustments, without having a negative impact on performance of the other nodes and the overall availability of our patient databases,” said Tony Voet, information and communication technology infrastructure and operations manager, Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent