V2Com Connects More Than 1 Million Smart Devices and Helps Customers Reduce Costs

V2Com Connects More Than 1 Million Smart Devices and Helps Customers Reduce Costs

V2COM provides hardware, software, smart-grid, and advanced-metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions that help clients in the utilities sector to reduce losses and manage resources, such as water and electricity more efficiently, while connecting over 1 million metering devices. In addition to enabling cost savings, V2Com solutions have a significant impact on the environment, as they contribute to the rational use of important natural resources. V2Com is also part of Oracle PartnerNetwork.




A word from V2Com

  • "With Oracle Java SE Embedded and Oracle Java ME Embedded, we have an object-oriented programming technology that enables open-standards-based development for the Internet of Things. We can now more easily integrate our advanced-metering infrastructure system with various platforms—such as counters, transformers, and circuit breakers—as such integration is essential for our business in the utilities industry." – Guilherme Spina, CEO, V2Com

  • Optimize ability to develop new applications while preserving the functionality and compatibility of V2Com’s current portfolio solutions with a wide range of utility-metering devices and counters
  • Help utilities to comply with regulations and more quickly address water and electricity supply failures


  • Automated the process of measuring V2Com utilities clients' consumption of electricity and water through smart communication modules, which connect to measuring devices using the public cellular network, thus increasing operational efficiency
  • Optimized development capacity by making the AMI solution compatible with multiple platforms, such as counters, transformers, and circuit breakers, reducing costs and accelerating the time to market
  • Allowed V2Com’s customers to replace their field teams responsible for meter reading with the use of millions of smart devices that capture and transmit data via the public cellular network, contributing to a cost reduction of about 60% per year
  • Accelerated access to data on water and electricity consumption by utility clients over a 40-day period, through smart-metering devices connected to the AMI system, developed with Oracle Java SE Embedded technology
  • Improved information visibility by integrating the metering devices into the customer-billing process, thereby facilitating the identification of attempted violations, fraud, and installation issues
  • Enabled clients to perform remote monitoring and reduced time to respond to utility customers in the event of incidents, in turn contributing to more efficient management of natural resources and stricter compliance with regulations

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle Java SE Embedded and Oracle Java ME Embedded to support a wide range of platforms and devices, such as meters, transformers, and circuit breakers. We needed a software infrastructure that allowed us to develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in a simple way that could be expanded and scaled. Our solutions currently support a wide variety of platforms, which is essential to our business," said Guilherme Spina, CEO, V2Com.

Implementation Process

“In addition to implementing Oracle Java SE Embedded and Oracle Java ME Embedded, we used Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management and Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository as part of Oracle’s IoT platform to maintain the functionality of our solutions portfolio during the deployment process. Furthermore, we made a few adjustments to allow for dialog between the data collected by the meters and the data from our clients, ensuring their business continuity," Spina said.