VocaLink Delivers Highly Available and Secure Mobile Payments Infrastructure for United Kingdom’s Payments Council
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VocaLink Delivers Highly Available and Secure Mobile Payments Infrastructure for United Kingdom’s Payments Council

  • Oracle Customer:  VocaLink
    Location:  Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
    Industry:  Financial Services
    Employees:  1,000
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

VocaLink designs, builds and operates world-class payment systems and automatic teller machine (ATM) switching platforms. It operates the United Kingdom’s (UK) national payments infrastructure. In 2012, it processed more than 10 billion UK transactions totaling US$7.4 trillion(£4.9 trillion).

In the UK, VocaLink processes more than 90% of all salaries, more than 70% of household bills, and almost all state benefits. It also connects the world’s busiest network of more than 65,000 ATMs, where transactions peaked at 22,338 per minute during 2012.




A word from VocaLink

  • “Oracle is key to the success of our new mobile payments infrastructure, giving us a very high level of confidence in our ability to offer the required levels of availability, performance, and security. Only Oracle could provide us with such seamless continuity throughout the technology stack." – Chris Dunne, Payment Services Director, VocaLink

  • Develop the infrastructure to build, pilot, and operate a new mobile payments service on behalf of the Payments Council—the governing body for UK payment transactions
  • Enable all banks in the UK to collaborate on a centralized infrastructure to offer customers secure mobile payment services between individuals to and from any UK bank account without needing to disclose account details
  • Ensure that the service provides maximum availability, stability, security, and performance as expected by UK banks and their customers


  • Won the contract from the Payments Council to deliver a new mobile payments infrastructure, drawing on a solid track record of technical knowledge, operational expertise, and proven Oracle technologies for delivering UK payment services for more than 40 years
  • Developed a highly secure, always available service using a comprehensive Oracle technology stack, including Oracle Database with Real Application Clusters, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle WebLogic Server, and Oracle’s SPARC T4-1 servers
  • Ensured essential high availability for mobile payments service with no single point of failure within the Oracle stack, using clustering, two separate data centers, and multiple database instances connected via Oracle GoldenGate to ensure 100% availability, 24/7, in real time
  • Developed an infrastructure that is central to the operation of the mobile payments service, enabling banks to securely store their customers’ mobile numbers, providing a secure look-up service to retrieve those details, and, for the first time, to offer mobile payment services between individuals with any UK bank account
  • Delivered an infrastructure that is both physically and virtually highly secure and resilient to attack, ensuring that if one part of the mobile payments service is compromised, the organization can isolate the threat and continue service with no impact to customers
  • Guaranteed high-level performance with Oracle GoldenGate and SPARC T4 servers, and load-tested for millions of accesses to enable the Payments Council to offer the first mass-market, national, mobile payments service to UK consumers
  • Worked with one vendor to ensure optimum performance across the Oracle technology stack and benefit from the synergies inherent within a close supplier partnership
  • Ensured maximum availability, stability, security and performance for the infrastructure with support from Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services’ Enhanced Solution Support Center