WeDo Technologies Delivers a 4x Performance Boost for its Worldwide Enterprise Business Assurance Software Suite, Using an Engineered System
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WeDo Technologies Delivers a 4x Performance Boost for its Worldwide Enterprise Business Assurance Software Suite, Using an Engineered System

WeDo Technologies, a worldwide leader in revenue and enterprise business assurance, provides software and expert consultancy to intelligently analyze large quantities of data gathered from a multitude of systems spread across an organization. The company helps businesses overcome or minimize operational inefficiencies and enables them to achieve significant returns on investment via revenue protection and cost savings. WeDo Technologies works with many of the world’s leading blue chip companies in the retail, energy, and finance industries, as well as 140 telecommunications operators from 80 countries.

WeDo Technologies worked with Oracle to benchmark and optimize its enterprise business assurance software, known as RAID, with Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine enabled WeDo Technologies RAID Solution to target its enterprise business assurance software sales towards midsize customers in the telecommunications and retail sectors by delivering improved performance, lower storage requirements, and increased scalability. The company’s Enterprise Business Assurance RAID 6.3 software, running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, achieved a processing throughput of up to 1 billion call records per hour during loading enrichment and aggregation―reducing space requirements for storing detailed call data by 13-fold, when compared with raw data, and by 8x, when compared with Oracle standard compression.

Thanks to Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression, which enables the highest levels of data compression and provides enterprises with tremendous cost-savings and performance improvements, due to reduced I/O, WeDo Technologies enabled users to keep detailed data records online for faster root cause analysis and generic data analysis activities. This capability allows telecommunication and retail companies to support faster decision-making processes, such as the ability to access detailed information on customer behavior, required for a successful enterprise business assurance activity.




A word from WeDo Technologies

  • “Our Enterprise Business Assurance Solution (EBAS) has a broad scope of implementation. We focused on the critical steps of any EBAS project. First, we looked at the solution’s ability to efficiently handle the huge amount of data generated by network elements. Then, we analyzed how to store and process that huge volume of data in a way that customer service providers can easily extract valuable information. These are the areas where we believe a solution like Oracle Exadata can bring more value to our customers and their businesses.” – Miguel Alves, Product Business Solutions Manager, WeDo Technologies

  • Provide WeDo Technologies customers in the telecommunications and retail sectors with a software business assurance solution that helps them reduce storage requirements, lower costs, and achieve higher performance levels
  • Accelerate call-record processing and data forensics analysis to enable faster and more thorough identification of revenue leakages and fraud schemes
  • Allowed WeDo customers to reduce costs with data centers and storage management through faster, simpler, more efficient and better levels of information management


  • Allowed RAID solution to improve performance levels by up to 4x, compared with other architectures on the market
  • Enabled RAID to process up to 1 billion call records per hour during loading enrichment and aggregation, using Oracle Exadata Database Machine with near-linear scaling to enable customers to identify potential fraudulent activity faster and minimize revenue loss and reputation risk
  • Improved the RAID storage space savings by up to 13x, enabling users to keep online, detailed data records, such as e-commerce transactions and call data records for revenue-leakage, root-cause analysis, fraud-scheme analysis, and generic-data analysis activities
  • Offered We Do Technologies RAID customers the possibility to achieve better use of all information across all sources and systems by using ad-hoc queries over nonindexed, large tables
  • Allowed database administrators to gather results from ad-hoc queries in seconds, as opposed to minutes, and to reduce index maintenance tasks

Why Oracle

"Our customers expect our RAID solutions to be highly available. This is why we design our solutions to work with Oracle Database technology. With engineered systems, such as Oracle Exadata, we expect to continue on this path and adopt the best technology that meets our customers’ expectations. WeDo Technologies has proudly used Oracle technology since 2001," said Miguel Alves, product business solutions manager, WeDo Technologies.

Implementation Process

To complete this project, WeDo Technologies worked with Oracle Portugal to procure and optimize the environment to meet its objectives and integrate it with WeDo Technologies’ existing architecture.

“Oracle’s Edinburgh Oracle Competence Center provided the required environment and skills to complete the implementation in six weeks. It was intense work, during a busy calendar period—which included New Year holidays—but the teamwork was fantastic, and the excellent results we achieved in our Oracle Exadata proof of concept gave us great confidence in the solution,” Alves said.