Woodstock General Hospital Ensures Rapid Access to Critical Patient and Business Data with Reliable, Cost-Effective, Modular Storage Environment
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Woodstock General Hospital Ensures Rapid Access to Critical Patient and Business Data with Reliable, Cost-Effective, Modular Storage Environment

Woodstock Hospital is a new, 178-bed, full-service community hospital that delivers primary and specialized care to more than 110,000 residents of Ontario’s Oxford County. The hospital provides patients and staff with a high-quality healing environment and the latest technology in patient care and communications.

Woodstock General Hospital provides acute in-patient, ambulatory, rehabilitation, and complex continuing-care programs and services. The institution broke ground for building its healthcare facility in November 2008 and completed construction in June 2011, on time and on budget.




A word from Woodstock General Hospital

  • "Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 delivers the high performance and scalability we require to support our modern healthcare facility. As important, it offers some critical features―such as dynamic, quality-of-service, I/O prioritization, and flexibility to use both fiber channel and iSCSI connectivity. This is what set it apart from the competition and helps us to optimize our storage investment and application performance." – Kevin Somerville, IT Manager, Woodstock General Hospital

  • Create a highly reliable storage environment that supports several business-critical applications, including some clinical systems, as well as file sharing
  • Deploy a storage solution that is easy to maintain and manage, cost effective, and highly scalable to support rapid data growth
  • Ensure the availability of critical data, including patient information, when and where it is needed
  • Implement a storage environment that the hospital could get up and running quickly


Oracle Product and Services

  • Deployed Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 as the highly scalable, reliable, and cost-effective backbone for the new hospital’s storage system, supporting the facility’s virtualized file share system and critical clinical and business applications, including patient tracking, as well as the phone system and intranet
  • Gained the ability to add storage quickly and cost effectively and avoid bottlenecks with a modular system that can easily support the hospital’s 20% annual data growth
  • Achieved ease of use and scalability with the modular solution, which the hospital’s IT team rapidly configured, installed, and continues to support, without a dedicated technician onsite
  • Enabled the hospital to ensure that critical business applications receive the appropriate level of input/output performance regardless of other activity on the storage system―through Pillar Axiom quality of service
  • Allowed the hospital to conserve capital by buying only the capacity it needs and scale when needed
  • Achieved high performance for business-critical applications running on 110 virtualized servers
  • Deployed two Pillar Axiom 600 systems―one on which the business applications run and one used for redundancy―and experienced no unplanned downtime since installing the system in November 2011
  • Ensured cost-effective business continuity and plan to use Pillar Axiom 600 as the foundation for a remote disaster recovery site
  • Gained the flexibility of fiber channel and internet, small-computer-system-interface connectivity from a single system, allowing the hospital to reduce costs by provisioning systems using less time-sensitive data, such as archives

Why Oracle

When selecting a storage environment for the new hospital, the IT team considered several vendors, including HP, NetApp, EMC, and Oracle. Several factors set Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 apart from competing solutions.

“We have a relatively lean IT team and had a short timeframe for deploying, so we required a storage system that was easy to install, use, and maintain. We also required a solution that was highly reliable and could scale easily and cost effectively to meet rapid growth requirements. Pillar Axiom 600 meets all of these criteria, and more, including superior performance”, said Kevin Somerville, IT manager, Woodstock General Hospital.

Implementation Process

Woodstock General Hospital needed to install and get its storage environment up and running quickly, so as not to delay the opening of the new facility. The team received the new system, configured, and installed it in approximately two days, and had it up and running after a two-week test period.

The hospital installed two Pillar Axiom 600 systems. The primary SAN supports up to 30 terabytes (TB) of data and the second system, which is used for redundancy, supports up to 20 TB of data.